Sunday, March 15, 2015

Player Profile : Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran

Beltran is coming off an injury plagued season. In 2013 he was a great bat for the Cardinals and if he can put up similar numbers he will be a huge bat in the Yankee lineup. Beltran is a switch hitter and will be used mostly in right field. If he is on the field there is no doubt he can get back to hitting 25 homers. In 2014 he played in just 109 games but still hit 15 homers. In 2013 he hit 24 and in 2012 he hit 32. Beltran is in his second year of his three year deal. So far he has flew under the radar in the spring for various reasons.

By Peter Vitella

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alex Rodriguez : Game Log

Alex Rodriguez Game Tracker

Alex Rodriguez returned on Wednesday after not playing for over a year.

Phillies vs Yankees

At Bat 1 - Rodriguez swings and misses on the first two pitches. He then lined a single to left field on the 0-2 pitch.

At Bat 2 - Rodriguez hits a hard ground ball to short stop who makes the put out. The pitch was clocked at 96 MPH.

At Bat 3 - Rodriguez works the count full and lays off a close curveball. He works the walk and is lifted for a pinch runner.

Post game - Rodriguez said he was emotional and it was great to be back. He thanked the Yankees for letting him put the pinstripes back on. He also said the goal now is to get as many at bats as possible.

By Peter Vitella

Player Profile : Michael Pineda

Michael Pineda

 Pineda was finally able to pitch for the Yankees in 2014 after sitting out all of 2012 and 2013. Last year Pineda battled more injuries however he had an impeccable 1.89 era in 13 starts. Pineda was consistently dominant when he pitched during the 2014 season. When healthy he is one of baseballs best pitchers. He is just 26 years old so he still can become a trusted and elite pitcher. If he is heathy he will be dominant.

By Peter Vitella

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Player Profile : Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury

Ellsbury played well in his first season with the Yankees. His home run totaled increased and his stolen base total decreased. Ellsbury had huge hot and cold streaks that shaped his numbers. Ellsbury brought a lot of speed to the outfield and he stole 39 bases. Ellsbury batted 271. Ellsbury hit 1st or 3rd for most of the season. He was very productive last year but I think he will be even better in his second year. The lineup should be better and he should be more comfortable. The Yankees have not said were he will bat in the lineup. Expect Ellsbury to be the Yankees best player.

Peter Vitella