Friday, December 30, 2016

Yankees Year in Review

Yankees Year in Review

Tex and Arod's Careers end , Gary Sanchez's begins and the Yankees Begin to Rebuild the Empire

The interesting addition of Aroldis Chapman and No Runs DMC

The Yankees traded for Aroldis Chapman one of baseballs best closers following the Dodgers and Reds trade falling through. Chapman however would be suspended for domestic violence issues. The Yankees would face heat for the move. When Chapman returned he brought the heat throwing fastballs upwards of 100 miles per hour. Chapman , Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances would team up to be baseballs best bullpen ever when they pitched In the same games. The trio of No Runs DMC was short lived.

The Yankees Are Sellers ?

The Yankees did what they never do. They were big time sellers at the trade deadline as they traded Aroldis Chapman , Andrew Miller and Carlos Beltran. The Yankees re stocked the farm system into one of baseballs strongest. Andrew Miller was one of the most loved current Yankees. The Yankees two best additions we're Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier. The Yankees traded Brian McCann recently in the winter continuing the selling trend.

Mark Teixeira Retires

Teixeira battled injuries once again and was a free agent to be come seasons end. Rather than test the market he decided to retire a Yankee. In the last week of the season he would hit a walk off grand slam against the Red Sox as his final Yankee moment.

Gary Sanchez and the Baby Bombers

When Gary Sanchez came up many people expected bing things. Sanchez delivered more than expected belting 20 homers in just 54 games. Sanchez was the most dominant hitter in the league for a brief time. The Yankees also got a taste of other prospects such as Aaron Judge and Tyler Austin. None of them had the impact of Sanchez but it was the step in the right direction.

The End of the Alex Rodriguez as a Yankee

Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees agreed that his career would end in August and he would move into a minor league coaching role. Rodriguez would play his last game as a Yankee on August 12th. The game would feature the largest Yankee crowd of the season. Mariano Rivera and other former Yankees were present. Rodriguez would hit an RBI double in his last game. The Yankees would win and Rodriguez would leave to a huge ovation of thankful Yankee fans. Considering how messy things got between the Yankees and A-Rod in 2013 and 2014 it was one of baseballs biggest comebacks to stardom ever.

The Best Players of 2016
1. Masahiro Tanaka was a dominant ace for the Yankees in 2016. He was a Cy Young contender.

2. Gary Sanchez hit 20 homers in 54 games and had a 299 average. He was also a dominant defensive catcher.

3. Didi Gregorius had a great year both offensively and defensively.

4. Dellin Betances had flashes of brilliance pitching in the 7th , 8th and 9th inning for the Yankees. He wore down towards the seasons end.

5. Starlin Castro had his best season power wise and played an excellent second base.

The future of the Yankees

The Yankees have one of baseballs best farm systems. They have a strong middle infield. They also resigned Aroldis Chapman pairing him back with Dellin Betances and Tyler Clippard. The Yankees have plenty of salary coming off the books and could make big splashes in the market along with the prospects they have.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yankees Off Season Tracker

Yankees trade Brian McCann to Astros for two prospects

Yankees sign Matt Holliday to a 1 year $13 million deal

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Yankees Offseason Moves We'd Like to See

1. Sign Aroldis Chapman
He wants to be here and the Yankees want him back. Chapman is one of the best closers in baseball. Bringing him back allows the Yankees to move Dellin Betances back to the 8th inning bolstering the bullpen as a whole. If he wants $100 million would I give it to him ? We'll most likely he's getting $90 million at least so what's the difference. 

2. Trade Brett Gardner , Chase Headley and Brian McCann
The Yankees traded Brian McCann to the Astros a few weeks ago. The Yankees received two pitching prospects. The next step should be dealing Headley and Gardner while they still have some kind of value. Both players had somewhat disappointing seasons and will only continue to decline.

3. Sign a DH
Edwin Encarnacion ? Yoenis Cespedes ? Carlos Beltran ? Mark Trumbo ? Matt Holiday ? Any one of them would be a nice fit. Beltran had a great year with the Yankees last year before being traded to the Rangers. He and Matt Holliday would be short term fixes. Encarnacion , Trumbo or Cespedes would immediately bolster the middle of the order but would command 4-6 years in a contract.

4. Sign Rich Hill
Hill is an older player but he's easily the best starter available on the market. He would slot in perfectly behind Masahiro Tanaka.

5. Sign Greg Holland
Holland was an elite closer just two years ago but injuries have derailed him. He would be a cheap pickup with a lot of upside to go along with Betances , Tyler Clippard and hopefully Chapman.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Farewell Alex Rodriguez

Farewell Alex Rodriguez

Last night was about as perfect of an ending for Alex Rodriguez as one could possibly imagine. Rodriguez received a standing ovation from the Yankees crowd every time he came to the plate. He smoked an RBI double in his first at bat. He was greeted by his mother , daughters and Mariano Rivera. In the ninth A-Rod went out to third base for one out. After the out was made he was taken out and the fans went crazy. The entire Yankee team was their to greet him. If two years ago someone said this day was possible no one would have believed it. It was a sell out crowd and the best crowd at the stadium possibly since Derek Jeter left. The fans didn't stop embracing Rodriguez all night and you could see how emotional he got. Rodriguez said their isn't anything else he could ask for.

Rodriguez has a complicated legacy. He has the numbers to be one of the best ever. Of course his PED history puts a damper on it for some people. It remains to be seen if Rodriguez will be a Hall of Famer or have his day in Monument Park but last night you saw how much the Yankee fans love A-Rod. It wasn't always easy but it was always entertaining with A-Rod. Say what you want but Alex Rodriguez is one  of the best ever.

By Peter Vitella

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yankees Should Have let A-Rod finish the Season

Alex Rodriguez will hang it up Friday for the Yankees anyway and it should be a special night. The stadium will be packed and Alex will be honored. Rodriguez has had a polarizing Yankee career but for the most part he has been a great player for them. Rodriguez sits at 696 home runs and most likely he will end with less than 700. The Yankees are moving in a young direction and you have to be behind that but if A-Rod had gotten enough at bats to get 700 homers and finish the year would that really have stopped the youth movement ? Of course not but the club is in a hurry to get kids up to the majors. The Yankees made the wrong call when it came not letting him finish the year. Rosters expand soon. In a perfect world the team would have let Rodriguez finish out the year. Rodriguez agreed to an advisory position with the team that he will pursue after his playing career. Possibly he will hook up with another team in attempt for number 700 or just to finish out the year but either way Rodriguez will remain a part of the Yankees. Rodriguez could have mentored many of the September call ups. The Yankees are headed for a true transition period. The team will not be in the period for long but many of the familiar faces from the team will be gone.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The 2016 Yankee Prediction

My Yankees Prediction

Yankees 89-73 , First Place Finish

I have the Yankees winning the division and it's not just because this is a Yankee site. I like this Yankee team a lot and I don't see why they cannot compete for a World Series championship. It will all come down to health for this team. If Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda stays healthy the Yankee rotation is as strong as anyone.

If healthy I think the Yankees rotation matches up with anyone in the AL and certainly the AL East. Tampa Bay has the best rotation in the East but if you look at Toronto , Boston , and Baltimore I like the Yankees rotation better. The Blue Jays are not very strong behind Marcus Stroman and the same is said for for The Red Sox with David Price. The Orioles staff is filled with number threes and fours.

The Yankees bullpen is the best in baseball and it's not even close. The Yankees add Aroldis Chapman to Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. Chapman will serve a 30 game suspension but will be back in May. The Yankees will look to shorten games with this big three.

The Yankees lineup needs to stay healthy but I expect Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner to have better seasons. I think Starlin Castro will turn out to be a great pickup as I see him being a big time hitter for years to come. Alex Rodriguez may not have as good a year as last but I expect 25+ home runs again. The question marks for the Yankees are health and age. If the older guys produce and the young guys like Luis Severino break out this team will be a force.

By Peter Vitella

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Projecting the Yankees Hitters

1. Jacoby Ellsbury - He has to bounce back and produce in 2016. In 2015 Ellsbury struggled to stay healthy and didn't get on base much. Ellsbury has to set the tone and have his best year as a Yankee.

Projection - 279 avg , 9 HR , 50 RBI , 28 SB , 347 OBP

2. Brett Gardner - Gardner had a great first half but was a different player in the second half. The Yankees need him to be consistent.

Projection - 262 avg , 18 HR , 66 RBI , 16 SB , 340 OBP

3. Alex Rodriguez - Rodriguez was excellent coming off his year away from baseball. Rodriguez will still produce but expect some regression.

Projection - 252 avg , 26 HR , 76 RBI , 3 SB , 352 OBP

4. Mark Teixeira - It is a contract year and he wants to remain a Yankee. If Teixeira stays healthy he will have 100 RBI.

Projection - 247 avg , 31 HR , 104 RBI , 358 OBP

5. Brian McCann - McCann gives you a lot of power and a low average. Expect the same in 2016.

Projection - 239 avg , 24 HR , 83 RBI , 318 OBP

6. Carlos Beltran - Will we get first half Beltran or second half Beltran ? Hopefully second half.

Projection - 272 avg , 18 HR , 58 RBI , 321 OBP

7. Starlin Castro - He really turned his season around when he moved to second base. I love Castro becoming a Yankee.

Projection - 292 avg , 9 HR , 50 RBI , 7 SB , 317 OBP

8. Chase Headley - An average hitter career wise , but the Yankees need better than what they had last year.

Projection - 260 avg , 12 HR , 50 RBI , 325 OBP

9. Didi Gregorius - He made great strides in the second half for the Yanks.

Projection - 259 avg , 7 HR , 48 RBI , 307 OBP

Yankee 2016 Pitching Projections

1. M. Tanaka - 13-8 , 3.34 era , 1.02 whip , 168 K

2. M. Pineda - 15-9 , 3.66 era , 1.18 whip , 170 K

3. N. Eovaldi - 14-7 , 3.92 era , 1.27 whip , 160 K

4. L. Severino - 16-6 , 3.35 era , 1.25 whip , 180 K

5. C. Sabathia - 8-10 , 4.60 era , 1.78 whip , 140 K

I. Nova - 5-5 , 3.99 era , 1.60 whip , 80 K

C. Shreve 2-3 , 3.25 era , 1.45 whip , 50 K

D. Bettances 4-1 , 1.45 era , 1.01 whip , 114 K , 5 saves

A. Miller 3-3 , 1.63 era , 0.96 whip , 106 K , 11 saves

A. Chapman - 5-2 , 1.88 era , 1.02 whip , 129 K , 30 saves