Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yankees Should Have let A-Rod finish the Season

Alex Rodriguez will hang it up Friday for the Yankees anyway and it should be a special night. The stadium will be packed and Alex will be honored. Rodriguez has had a polarizing Yankee career but for the most part he has been a great player for them. Rodriguez sits at 696 home runs and most likely he will end with less than 700. The Yankees are moving in a young direction and you have to be behind that but if A-Rod had gotten enough at bats to get 700 homers and finish the year would that really have stopped the youth movement ? Of course not but the club is in a hurry to get kids up to the majors. The Yankees made the wrong call when it came not letting him finish the year. Rosters expand soon. In a perfect world the team would have let Rodriguez finish out the year. Rodriguez agreed to an advisory position with the team that he will pursue after his playing career. Possibly he will hook up with another team in attempt for number 700 or just to finish out the year but either way Rodriguez will remain a part of the Yankees. Rodriguez could have mentored many of the September call ups. The Yankees are headed for a true transition period. The team will not be in the period for long but many of the familiar faces from the team will be gone.

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