Monday, November 28, 2016

The Yankees Offseason Moves We'd Like to See

1. Sign Aroldis Chapman
He wants to be here and the Yankees want him back. Chapman is one of the best closers in baseball. Bringing him back allows the Yankees to move Dellin Betances back to the 8th inning bolstering the bullpen as a whole. If he wants $100 million would I give it to him ? We'll most likely he's getting $90 million at least so what's the difference. 

2. Trade Brett Gardner , Chase Headley and Brian McCann
The Yankees traded Brian McCann to the Astros a few weeks ago. The Yankees received two pitching prospects. The next step should be dealing Headley and Gardner while they still have some kind of value. Both players had somewhat disappointing seasons and will only continue to decline.

3. Sign a DH
Edwin Encarnacion ? Yoenis Cespedes ? Carlos Beltran ? Mark Trumbo ? Matt Holiday ? Any one of them would be a nice fit. Beltran had a great year with the Yankees last year before being traded to the Rangers. He and Matt Holliday would be short term fixes. Encarnacion , Trumbo or Cespedes would immediately bolster the middle of the order but would command 4-6 years in a contract.

4. Sign Rich Hill
Hill is an older player but he's easily the best starter available on the market. He would slot in perfectly behind Masahiro Tanaka.

5. Sign Greg Holland
Holland was an elite closer just two years ago but injuries have derailed him. He would be a cheap pickup with a lot of upside to go along with Betances , Tyler Clippard and hopefully Chapman.