Thursday, June 15, 2017

Are the Yankees Planning a Major Deadline Move ?

The Yankees are in first place and there's a lot to like about this baseball team. However they have had awful production from first base and the ace Masahiro Tanaka has been anything but. Greg Bird is injured and seems to still be ways away. When he played he wasn't good.

Will the Yankees make the big splash and go after Eric Hosmer. Hosmer is a free agent to be and it remains to be seen if the Yankees want to deal prospects for Hosmer. We haven't seen enough to know what to expect from Greg Bird but if he doesn't come back soon it's possible the Yankees make a move. It's also possible they call the Athletics and go after Yonder Alonso. This will all depend on the Yankees trust in Greg Bird and Tyler Austin.

The Yankees also have some options at starting pitcher. Do they roll out the starters they have or do they go after Jose Quintana , Gerrit Cole , Yu Darvish or even a smaller profile arm ? It's also possible they promote Chance Adams.

The Yankees remain in first place and have a chance to go deep into the postseason however they may be a piece away from being the American Leagues best. It remains to be seen if they will stay in house or go out and get someone to help.