Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fantasy Baseball 2018 Initial Relief Pitcher Rankings (No Starting Pitcher Dual Players)

  1. K. Jansen 
  2. A. Chapman 
  3. C. Kimbrel
  4. C. Knebel 
  5. R. Osuna
  6. R. Iglesias
  7. C. Allen
  8. W. Davis 
  9. E. Diaz 
  10. K. Giles
  11. B. Morrow
  12. S. Doolittle
  13. F. Rivero 
  14. A. Colome 
  15. G. Holland 
  16. B. Hand 
  17. K. Herrera
  18. A. Miller 
  19. Z. Britton
  20. M. Melancon 
  21. H. Neris 
  22. J. Familia 
  23. A. Vizcaino
  24. C. Green
  25. A. Bradley
  26. L. Gregerson 
  27. D. Robertson
  28. B. Brach 
  29. D. Betances
  30. F. Rodney 

Fantasy Baseball 2018 Initial Starting Pitcher Rankings

2018 Initial Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitcher Rankings 

  1. C. Kershaw 
  2. M. Scherzer 
  3. C. Kluber 
  4. C. Sale 
  5. M. Bumgarner
  6. S. Strasburg
  7. L. Severino 
  8. Z. Greinke 
  9. J. Verlander 
  10. J. deGrom 
  11. N. Syndergard
  12. C. Carrasco 
  13. C. Archer 
  14. C. Martinez 
  15. Y. Darvish 
  16. R. Ray 
  17. J. Quintana 
  18. D. Keuchel
  19. J. Arietta
  20. J. Lester 
  21. M. Tanaka 
  22. J. Paxton 
  23. K. Hendricks 
  24. A. Nola 
  25. S. Gray
  26. G. Cole 
  27. M. Stroman 
  28. A. Wood
  29. J. Cueto
  30. L. McCullers
  31. J. Berrios
  32. R. Hill 
  33. D. Price 
  34. C. Hamels
  35. M. Fulmer 
  36. L. Castillo
  37. L. Weaver 
  38. J. Gray
  39. S. Ohtani (DH)
  40. D. Pomeranz 
  41. G. Gonzalez 
  42. D. Duffy 
  43. J. Taillon
  44. R. Porcello 
  45. T. Bauer 
  46. D. Bundy 
  47. Z. Godley
  48. K. Maeda
  49. J. Teheran
  50. F. Hernandez 

Fantasy Baseball 2018 Initial Third Base Rankings

Fantasy Baseball 2018 Third Base Rankings 
  1. N. Arenado 
  2. K. Bryant (OF)
  3. M. Machado 
  4. F. Freeman (1B)
  5. J. Donaldson
  6. J. Ramirez (2B, OF)
  7. A. Rendon 
  8. A. Bregman (SS)
  9. J. Turner 
  10. T. Shaw 
  11. A. Beltre 
  12. K. Seager
  13. M. Sano (1B)
  14. M. Carpenter (2B, 1B) 
  15. R. Devers 
  16. M. Moustakas 
  17. C. Taylor (SS,3B,OF)
  18. J. Gallo
  19. Y. Moncada (2B)
  20. J. Lamb
  21. E. longoria 
  22. E. Nunez (SS,2B,OF)
  23. J. Baez (SS,2B)
  24. Y. Gurriel 
  25. J. Harrison (3B)
  26. R. Healy 
  27. N. Castellanos 
  28. M. Gonzalez  (SS,2B,1B,OF)
  29. M. Franco
  30. E. Suarez

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2018 Fantasy Baseball Initial Shortstop Rankings

 2018 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Stop Rankings

1. C. Correa
2. T. Turner
3. C. Seager
4. F. Lindor
5. A. Bregman (3B)
6. J. Segura
7. E. Andrus
8. D. Gregorious
9. T. Story
10. X. Bogaerts
11. C. Taylor (OF, 3B, 2B)
12. E. Nunez (OF, 2B,3B)
13. J. Baez (2B,3B)
14. P. DeJong
15. A. Russell
16. T. Beckham
17. M. Gonzalez (2B, 3B, 1B, OF)
18. D. Swanson
19. A. Rosario
20. Z. Cozart
21. J. Villar (2B)
22. M. Semien
23. A. Simmons
24. T. Tulowitzki
25. J. Gyorko (1B,2B,3B)
26. A. Diaz
27. T. Anderson
28. B. Crawford
29. J. Crawford
30. K. Marte

2018 Initial Fantasy Baseball outfield Rankings

Fantasy Baseball 2018 Outfield Rankings
1. M. Trout
2. G. Stanton
3. B. Harper
4. M. Betts
5. C. Blackmon
6. K. Bryant (3B)
7. A. Judge
8. J. Ramirez (3B, 2B)
9. G. Springer
10. J. Martinez
11. C. Bellinger (1B)
12. N. Cruz
13. M. Ozuna
14. A. Pollock
15. A. Benintendi
16. J. Upton
17. C. Yelich
18. K. Davis
19. R. Hoskins (1B)
20. T. Pham
21. Y. Cespedes
22. B. Buxton
23. R. Braun
24. A. McCutchen
25. D. Santana
26. W. Myers (1B)
27. S. Marte
28. L. Cain
29. J. Bruce (1B)
30. W. Contreras (C)
31. A. Eaton
32. C. Santana (1B)
33. A. Jones
34. K. Scwharber
35. C. Taylor (2B, SS,3B)
36. J. Gallo (1B)
37. M. Conforto
38. R. Acuna
39. Y. Puig
40. N. Mazara
41. E. Nunez (SS, 3B, 2B)
42. B. Hamilton
43. E. Inciarte
44. G. Polanco
45.  I. Happ (2B)
46. B. Gardner
47. M. Trumbo
48. E. Rosario
49. C. Gonzalez
50. C. Dickerson

Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Fantasy Baseball Initial Catcher Rankings

Fantasy Baseball 2018 Catcher Rankings
1. G. Sanchez
2. B. Posey (1B)
3. W. Contreras (OF)
4. S. Perez
5. J. Realmuto
6. E. Gattis
7. Y. Molina
8. W. Ramos
9. J. Lucroy
10. W. Castillo
11. M. Zunino
12. R. Martin
13. B. McCann
14. A. Barnes
15. Y. Grandal
16. M. Wieters
17. S. Vogt
18. J. McCann
19. R. Chirinos
20. C. Rupp

2018 Fantasy Baseball Initial Second Base Rankings

Fantasy Baseball 2018 Second Base Ranks
1. J. Altuve
2. A. Rizzo (1B)
3. J. Ramirez (OF,3B)
4. D. Murphy (1B)
5. B. Dozier
6. R. Cano
7. D. Gordon
8. J. Schoop
9. D. LeMahieu
10. W. Merrifield
11. M. Carpenter (1B, 3B)
12. C. Taylor (SS, 3B, OF)
13. R. Odor
14. Y. Moncada (3B)
15. I. Kinsler
16. E. Nunez (SS,3B,OF)
17. J. Baez (3B, SS)
18. I. Happ (OF)
19. S. Castro
20. J. Kipnis
21. O. Albies
22. G. Torres
23. D. Pedroia
24. S. Gennett (OF)
25. J. Harrison (3B)
26. M. Gonzalez (SS,3B,OF,1B)
27. J. Villar (SS)
28. B. Zobrist (1B, SS, OF)
29. C. Hernandez
30. L. Forsyth (1B, SS, OF)

Sleeper - Ian Happ is in a crowded infield and outfield and lately I'd say it's best to avoid Cub hitters besides Bryant and Rizzo but Happ profiles as a player who could be excellent for fantasy. Happ may not get at bats every day but could find his way in the lineup a lot because of his positional flexibility.

Breakout - Gleyber Torres is expected to be the Yankee second basemen at some point this year. Torres is the Yankees best prospect and one of the best in all of baseball. Starlin Castro's departure from the Yankees gives Torres a chance to get the job.

Bargain Bin - Jason Kipnis has been a strong fantasy second basemen for a long time but a terrible season for Kipnis last year filled with injuries and bad play has made him available late in drafts. He's getting older but still has some good baseball left.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2018 Fantasy Baseball Initial First Base Rankings

2018 Fantasy Baseball Ranks First Base
1. P. Goldschmidt
2. J. Votto
3. A. Rizzo (2B)
4. F. Freeman (3B)
5. C. Bellinger
6. J. Abreu
7. E. Encarnacion
8. D. Murphy (2B)
9. M. Cabrera
10. B. Posey (c)
11. E. Hosmer
12. R. Hoskins
13. M. Sano (3B)
14. W. Myers
15. M. Carpenter (2B)
16. J. Bell
17. G. Bird
18. J. Bruce (Of)
19. C. Santana (OF)
20. J. Gallo
21. C. Davis
22. J. Smoak
23. R. Zimmerman
24. M. Olsen
25. I. Desmond
26. Y. Gurriel (3B)
27. J. Bour
28. M. Gonzalez (SS,3B,OF)
29. K. Morales
30. Y. Alonso

Sleeper - Joey Gallo broke out in a big way in 2017 yet he's being forgotten about in early rankings because of a 209 batting average. Gallo walks , strikes out and homers and that's okay. Chris Davis has been very productive doing the same thing throughout his career.

Breakouts - Greg Bird and Josh Bell are different players but both have the ability to get into elite company in 2018. Bird will hit anywhere from 3-6 in a loaded Yankee lineup. The question for him will be can he stay healthy. If he can stay healthy he can profile as a 30-40 homerun hitter. Josh Bell began to breakout in 2017. Bell hit 26 homers and had 90 RBI. As his discipline at the plate gets better he may see an uptick in walks and batting average.

Bargain Bin - Miguel Cabrera is going to be forgotten about by some after an injury plagued 2017 but he will bounce back. Cabrera was a beast in 2016 hitting 316, 38 home runs and 108 RBI. In 2017 Cabrera played 130 games but was constantly hurt and hit just 249. He had just 16 homers and 60 RBI. If healthy Cabrera will be much better in 2018 despite being 34. Getting Miguel Cabrera in rounds 4-6 could be a huge benefit to your squad.

All Rankings to be updated if needed

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Could the Quiet Market lead to one more Big Move for the Yankees ?


The market has been extremely slow this offseason. The baseball world perhaps is still in shock over the Yankees mega move to land Giancarlo Stanton.

The Yankees have $19 million left to spend this offseason without going over the luxury tax threshold. The Yankees have a need at third base and some may say need one more starting pitcher. They still may look to upgrade at the backup catcher position. It's possible the Yankees go with what they have in the starting rotation and with rookies at both second and third base.

If the market stays the way it is it's possible that the Yankees have a reunion with Todd Frazier to play third base. It's also possible the Yankees can get Mike Moustakas on a one year deal. The Yankees have options at third base. They can let Ronald Torreyes and Miguel Andujar battle for the job. They could try and ink a free agent or make another trade. Whatever the Yankees do at third base I think the Yankees will leave the door open for Manny Machado in 2019 or Nolan Arenado in 2020.

The Yankees can also go after Yu Darvish. I don't think it's likely they sign him and many fans are against signing him. It's a risky signing but the Yu Darvish demise is over stated. Darvish struggled in the playoffs however he had a strong 2017 season. If the Yankees can sign Darvish to a deal that suits them and allows them to stay under the threshold it's a possibility.

The Yankees will likely stay away from Darvish but a slow market may lead to one more big and surprising move for the Yankees.