Friday, May 11, 2018

The Radio Voices of the New York Yankees

The Yankees Legendary Radio Broadcast Team 

John Sterling has been calling Yankee baseball since 1989. Suzyn Waldman has worked for the Yankees for the past 31 years. The duo has been the radio voices of the New York Yankees since 2005. Despite Sterling being 79 and Waldman 71 the duo has no plans of retirement just yet. John and Suzyn give you that old school baseball feel and they truly love the Yankee teams and fans. For many they even feel like family. Since I am a little kid John and Suzyn have been on the radio for the Yankees. Of course when I am home the game is on the tv but I love being in the car when the Yankees are on. I developed a bond with the duo from taking summer vacations at my Aunts summer house. My aunt does not have a tv because she only uses the house in the summer and when my family and I visit for a weekend we listen to the Yankees on the radio. Many Yankee fans have similar stories and bonds to the legendary duo. 

John Sterling is best known for his “Yankees Win, The Yankees Win “ call after games. He is also known for his creative home run calls. Suzyn is best known for her great in game work and for being the first woman to work on a nationally televised broadcast in baseball. 

Let’s look at Some of Johns most memorable home run calls.

The Ones We May Have Forgotten About 

  1. Yangervis Solarte - Never Nervous Yangervis
  2. Lyle Overbay- Lyle Hit it a Mile 
  3. Jesus Montero- Jesus is Loose 
  4. Vernon Wells- The Bronx is Vernon
  5. Raul Ibanez- Raul So Cool 
The Honorable Mentions 
  1. Brett Gardner - Gardner Plants One, It’s a Gardy Party
  2. Nick Swisher - Nick is Swishilicous 
  3. Jorge Posada - GeorgeJuiced One 
  4. Tino Martinez - Bam Tino
  5. Clint Frazier- Downtown Goes Frazier 

My All time Favorites 

  1. Alex Rodriguez - It’s An A-Bomb from A-Rod 
  2. Hideki Matsui - It’s a Thrilla By Godzilla
  3. Aaron Judge- All Rise Here Comes the Judge, It’s a Judgeian Blast 
  4. Jason Giambino- The Giambino
  5. Giancarlo Stanton- Giancarlo no si puo stoparlo, a Stantonian blast 
  6. Bernie Williams - Bern Baby Bern 
  7. Robinson Cano - Robby Cano Don’t Ya Know 
  8. Johnny Damon- It’s a Johnny Rocket
  9. Gary Sanchez- The Gary is Scary 
  10. Derek Jeter - El Capitan
  11. Didi Gregorius- Gregorius makes Yankee fans euphorius , Sir Didi
  12. Mark Teixeira- Oh you’re on the Mark Teixeira, Mark Sends a Text Message