Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yankee Off Season Questions

1. Thoughts on the Yankees 2015 season as a whole ?

2. Biggest Surprise ?

3. Biggest Disappointment ?

4. Team MVP ?

5. Which SP/RP should they acquire ?

6. Which bat should they acquire ?

7. Will the Yankees trade Brett Gardner in the offseason ?

8. Will the Yankees promote Aaron Judge in 2016 ?

9. What do you want the 2016 rotation to look like ?

10. How can you get enough at bats for Alex Rodriguez , Greg Bird , Mark Teixeira , and Carlos Beltran ?

11. Will Rob Refsynder be the 2015 second basemen ?

12. Will the Yankees make the 2016 playoffs ? 

Shane Tobin's answers 

1. For a typical Yankee season it was a failure but if someone told me that they would make the Wild Card game this year I would be content. This should be a building block for the young guys.

2. The  biggest  surprise for me was the production of the old guys. Alex Rodriguez  and Mark Texeira carried the team with some help from Carlos Beltran.

3. Brett Gardner was the biggest disappointment. He continued his second half struggles and it really hurt the team.

4. Andre Miller is my team MVP. He was the best closer in the game in my opinion and he was automatic when we needed him.

5. I think that they should have acquired Craig Kimbrel to create a mind blowing bullpen. The 
starting pitching would be good enough to go 5 innings and then hand it over to a lights out bullpen. 
Unfortunately the Res Sox acquired him so I wound keep the focus on the bullpen. 

6. I think they should acquire either Justin Upton or Jason Heyward. Heyward fits the long term plan as Aaron Judge would be the next big right handed bat but Upton would be instant offense. Heyward is still developing.

7. I think they will if they trade Garnder for James Paxton. I would call it a successful trade.

8. Maybe in September or in a injury situation like Greg Bird in 2015 but odds are they won't need him.

9. A dream rotation would have David Price or a big time starting pitcher in it but realistically I see it being Masahiro Tanka, Luis Severino, Michael Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi, and James Paxton. All young talented arms.

10. I don't think Greg Bird can get MLB at bats this year unless there is an injury to Teixiera. If Arod or Beltran get hurt there is a replacement on the roster already. An injury to Tex is the only way I see Bird playing in the bigs this year.

11. I think so. I think there will be a platoon early on but it think that Rob Refsnyder will put perform the sabermetrics baby Dustin Ackley. Refsnyder must seize the opportunity.

12. If the key guys from last year stay healthy and if there are some improvement made to the team specifically added pitching depth and a power bat in the outfield I can see a long playoff run. Arod had it right in 2015 once you're in you can make some noise and the Yankees certainly have the guys to make plenty of noise.

Peter Vitella's answers 

1. The Yankees made some noise in 2015. Nathan Eovaldi was an excellent addition. Andrew Miller was also an excellent addition. Alex Rodriguez was excellent in the year back from his suspension.

2. I think Alex Rodriguez was a huge surprise to most people. I thought he would be productive but didn't expect 33 home runs.

3. For me the biggest disappointment was the way the Yankees fell from an 8 game division lead. That impart was due to the struggles of Brett Gardner and Jaocby Ellsbury. They were terrible in the second half for their standards.

4. I think I would say the combination of Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances are the team MVP's. 

They shortened the game and dominated games.

5. I would like to see the Yankees add one of the big name starting pitchers. Their are a lot of them and adding anyone can help. Of course I wouldn't complain with signing David Price or Zack Greinke but I think a Jordan Zimmerman type is more realistic. I would rather them see get Zimmerman and a right handed hitter.

6. I would like to see the Yankees acquire an impact right handed hitter such as Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes.

7. I think the Yankees will trade Brett Gardner. I like Gardner but being that they have Ellnsury and he struggled down the stretch I can see a trade happening.

8. I think eventually one way or another we will see Aaron Judge in 2016.

9. I would like to see
1.  Greinke or Zimmerman or Price
2. Tanaka
3. Severino
4. Eovaldi
5. Pineda

10. I think Alex Rodriguez will go in as the primary DH. I think Carlos Beltran will get at bats in the outfield and at DH. Mark Texeira will be the first basemen. Baring an injury I think Greg Bird will see at bats in the minor leagues for some time.

11. Unless the Yankees sign Ben Zobrist I believe the Yankees will platoon Dustin Ackley and Rob Refsnyder.

12. I think the Yankees will improve and build off of this season and ultimately make the 2016 playoffs.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Yankees Season Ends

Last night the Yankee season ended with a lack luster 3-0 loss to the Astros in the Wild Card game. The Yankees blew a big AL East lead and held on to the Wild Card game. The Yankees had a good year however just could not manage to go further in the playoffs. I predicted the Yankees to make the playoffs but hoped that they would make a longer run. In the end the age and the injuries caught up to the Yankees. The Yankees had some young pitchers Nathan Eovaldi and Luis Severino emerge as two strong starters. The Yankees also witnessed some young infielders Greg Bird and Rob Refsnyder make major impacts. Of course Andrew Miller and Dellin Bettances had excellent years in the bullpen. Alex Rodriguez came back from his year out of baseball and had a 33 home run season. The Yankees made the playoffs but fell short of their World Series goal.

Stay with us all year as we will talk MLB playoffs and the offseason.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Yankees Clinch Playoff Berth

At times it wasn't pretty lately but the Yankees did it. They are back in the playoffs. They hung on and clinched a wild card spot. The Yankees hope that home field advantage is next. The Yankees truly are a remarkable team. They battled so many injuries all year and still battled to this spot. So many people wrote them off and they kept pushing. Their are so many reasons why they got to this point and so many reasons why they can go even further. The bullpen was a dominating force led by Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances. Brian McCann had a great year leading the team in many ways. The young players like Greg Bird , John Ryan Murphy and Luis Severino steeped up also.

Greg Bird filled in for Mark Teixeira so well. Dustin Ackley has been excellent since getting healthy and everything is just going right. Of course many doubted the pitching staff and it has held up. Many doubted the veteran players and they held up. No one could have imagined Alex Rodriguez would hit 33 homers and he did. He was so vital to this team providing offense and leadership. This Yankee team will be considered under dogs in this postseason but that's just how they like it. This is a special group.

By Peter Vitella

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yogi Berra : A Baseball Legend

Yogi Berra meant so much to the Yankees and meant so much to baseball. If you are a baseball fan you are a Yogi fan. Berra was a ten time World Series champ and a three time MVP. Berra was a 285 career hitter and had 358 homers. Berra was known as a great pitch caller. He also had a .522 winning percentage as a manager. Berra was not only an amazing baseball player but an amazing man. Berra put his career on hold when he was a young man to serve in World War 2. Berra will always be remembered for his wit and his sayings that made no sense but made complete sense. Berra had his number retired by the Yankees and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Berra left his mark on the Yankee franchise. You loved seeing him at Spring training , playoff games , old timers day or opening day ceremonies. Berra will always be remembered as a Yankee and a baseball great. It's crazy to think about Yogi being gone. Yogi was this character that you viewed as a living legend. You viewed him as someone who was immortal. You viewed him as not a baseball icon but an American icon. You can learn a lot by just observing Yogi and during his time on this Earth I hope you did. When Yogi Berra comes to a fork in the road I know he will take it. He will take it to heaven to play baseball their. He will take it to baseball immortality and he will always be one of baseballs biggest figures. Rest in Peace Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra.

By Peter Vitella

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Year Ago Today Who would Think Arod would have 30 ?

It's amazing what a year can do. It's no lie when people say time heals. When it comes to Alex Rodriguez a year ago he was suspended from baseball out of the game and many questioned if he would ever play again. A year ago today the Yankees were out of the playoff race and everyone was just enjoying the closing act on the career of Derek Jeter. All year the Baseball fans said A-Rod had nothing left and probably would not return to baseball. If you told a baseball fan on September 8th 2014 that A-Rod would have 30 homers they would probably laugh at you. Fast forward a year and he hit his 30th of the season.

Rodriguez retuned in February to the Yankees Spring Training facility in Tampa and then some Yankees fans said they would embrace him. Some said they still wanted no part of him. When the Yankees opened up at home against the Blue Jays and Alex Rodriguez stepped up to the plate he received the loudest ovation a standing ovation by most. As the time continued to go Rodriguez continued to slug and Yankee fans continued to embrace the once forgotten slugger. He
became the guy fans wanted to see and he became the guy fans wanted to cheer. He went back to the place he was when he was just 20 years old breaking into the bigs.

As time continued to pass Rodriguez continued the magic. He tied and passed Willie Mays on the all time home run list. He passed Lou Gehrig on the RBI list. Some would say his milestones are tainted and that's fine but Rodriguez isn't focused on the milestones. He slugged three home runs in one game . He homered for his 3,000th hit of his career and continues to climb up baseballs home run , RBI , and hit lists. Rodriguez has had some of the more clutch hits including a go ahead grand slam against the Twins in August when he was in a brutal slump. He homered off of Chris Archer for the go ahead run over the weekend.

Alex Rodriguez has been a major contributor to this team. He has done everything. Move to DH , play third , play first , stop playing the field. Rodriguez has been a leader for the team and no one can say he hasn't. The Yankee team has all embraced each other and people around the team can't remember a team that liked each other this much. Rodriguez has mentored young guys like Nate Eovaldi and Didi Gregorius all season. He has been a huge reason for the Yankees success especially considering many people thought he could not play anymore. The year off helped him both mentally and physically.

Is all for given with Alex Rodriguez ? Well if you ask a Yankee fan most will tell you yes. If you ask a baseball fan a lot will say no and a select few will say yes. The bottom line is Alex Rodriguez has won back baseballs biggest city. Rodriguez still has a lot of baseball left to play this season but when he hit his 30th home run this season a lot of people remembered just how great Alex Rodriguez was no matter what. So if you ask a Yankee fan if time heals and if production heals many of them would say yes.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Nate Eovaldi : Will the injury force him out

The Yankees will have to shutdown Nathan Eovaldi for the next two weeks. It is obviously a huge blow to a Yankee team that is .05 games back of the first place BlueJays. The Yankees need Eovaldi to get healthy most importantly for the playoff run. The Yankees should absolutely be in the playoffs even with Nate out for two weeks. Eovaldi has been one of the best pitchers in the Yankees rotation and it will be a blow for the team.

I think the Yankees can weather the storm and at worst the Yankees will be in the Wild Card game. If Eovaldi is just out the two weeks he will have two weeks to pitch before the playoffs. If he has time to pitch before the playoffs begin it will be ideal because you do not want him going into the playoffs blindly. Hopefully Nate Eovaldi just has inflammation and it will be no big deal. In two weeks he will return and he can be a major part of the Yankee team in the playoffs.

Obviously their is plenty to worry about with Nathan Eovaldi however if it is just inflammation and he comes back in two weeks the Yankees will be okay. Come playoff time if healthy he will be in the rotation.

Hurry back Nate because the Yankees will need you if they are going to win the World Series. Personally I think in two weeks they will ease him back baring no set backs and he will be ready for the playoffs.

By Peter Vitella

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Home Stretch

The Yankees are in a dog fight for first place in the AL East Division and leading a wild card spot as we go to September.

10 Questions Going into the Final Month

1. Can Michael Pineda return to earlier season form ?

Personally I don't see why not. Pineda has great stuff and looked really good tonight  in Boston. He has to get some innings under his belt since the injury but I trust him to get it right.

2. Can Alex Rodriguez bounce back from the awful August ?

Rodriguez has talked about the highs and lows this season. Obviously August was a real low. However A-Rod had the big grand slam and had two home runs late in the month. Hopefully the days off in Atlanta help.

3. How good can Luis Severino be ?

Through five starts Severino has a 2.17 era and despite being 21 he looks extremely polished. Severino can be an ace for years to come and can be a dominant arm for the Yankees the rest of the season.

4. Can the Yankees survive the Mark Teixeira injury ?

I think the Tex injury is a huge blow to the lineup but if A-Rod , Beltran , and McCann can produce
in the middle of the lineup they will survive the two weeks. The defensive loss is the bigger blow.
Offensively Greg Bird will produce. He is not the defensive player Tex is.

5. What happens with CC Sabathia ?

Ultimately if CC comes back the Yankees may use him in the rotation because of Brian Cashman. I think Cashman is dead wrong here. I don't like his thoughts on this. It's not about who is making the most money. CC should be in the pen during  the regular season. Come playoffs I would be shocked if he was in the rotation.

6. Who should start the Wild Card Game ?

This is of course if the Yankees do not win the division. If they make it to the Wild Card game many would pick Masahiro Tanaka but I would ride the hot hand and start Nathan Eovaldi.

7. Can the Yankees ride the bullpen to a World Series appearance ?

I think the Yankees rotation is under rated but make no mistake about it Chasen Shreve , Dellin Bettances , and Andrew Miller have been possibly baseballs best bullpen trio. So yes they can take them to a World Series.

8. Which September call up can help the most ?

Andrew Bailey is a former stud closer and I think he can be the guy. Perhaps I go with him because I am a Bailey fan and I am rooting for him.

9. Can the Yanks win the division ?

If Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda pitch like they can , absolutely yes. Overall this team is just as good as the Bluejays

10. If the Yankees are in the Wild Card who will they face ?

I think the Texas Rangers. They have a big time lineup and the rotation has been excellent. I expect Josh Hamilton to comeback and the veteran lineup to perform. Of the second wild card teams they have the best true ace in Cole Hamels. They have veteran bats like Prince Fielder , Mike Napoli , Adrian Beltre , and others.

By Peter Vitella

Monday, July 27, 2015

A-Rod Turns 40 and there's Much to Talk About

Alex Rodriguez was born on July 27th , 40 years ago. Rodriguez was drafted first overall in the 1993. Rodriguez is regarded as one of baseballs most polarizing , controversial , and statistically one of the best. Rodriguez has won three MVP awards , a World Series title , and has 3,000 hits. Rodriguez has over 600 homers. Rodriguez of course has been involved in PED scandals. Rodriguez has a career like no other and it's hard to sum it up with just your basic numbers.

The Seattle Years 

Rodriguez started his career in Seattle as a dominating shortstop. Rodriguez debuted with the team when he was just 18 years old. He won the batting title in his first full season in 1996. Rodriguez played seven years for the Mariners before leaving for his mega deal in Seattle. It's in Seattle where Rodriguez began to get his fame and star power. He had a 40-40 season in Seattle. 

The Texas Years 

Rodriguez signed a 10 year , $250 million deal with the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez only played three years with the Rangers. Rodriguez won the 2003 MVP award and two Gold Glove awards at short stop. He had at least 45 homers in every of those years. He was an all star in every one of those seasons. 

The Yankee Years 

Alex Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees after his 2003 MVP season. Rodriguez agreed to move to third base and become a Yankee. Rodriguez would go on to win 2 MVP Awards in his Yankee career. Rodriguez has had his ups and downs with the club personally but was always a top performer for the team. 

The Stats 

Alex Rodriguez is the longest tenured member of the current New York Yankees. He has 332 home runs with the club and a World Series title. Rodriguez was a key member of the 2009 World Series Club. 

The Troubles

Alex Rodriguez of course missed the 2014 season due to a PED suspension. Rodriguez was involved in the Biogenesis PED scandal. Rodriguez lost a whole year of his career and many people doubted if he would ever put a uniform on let alone a Yankee uniform. Despite making some huge mistakes Rodriguez was determined to get back.

The Celebrity 

Through his 40 year life and his 21 year baseball career , Alex Rodriguez has become quite the polarizing figure in the sports world. Rodriguez has become one of the most famous athletes ever. He is one of the most famous men in America. Rodriguez's comeback story has been a huge topic of discussion. 

Still Swinging

Today A-Rod turns 40 and is having a remarkable season. On Saturday Night Rodriguez blasted three home runs in one game to put away the Twins. Rodriguez has accomplished many milestones this season as he passed Willie Mays on the all time home run list , reached the 2,000 RBI club and hit a home run for his 3,000th career hit. Rodriguez also has been a main factor for the Yankees who are in first place. Rodriguez is a favorite to win MLB comeback of the year. Rodriguez no longer plays the field as the Yankees DH. 

By Peter Vitella 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

How History Plays Into The Demotion Of Rob Refsnyder

Throughout the 112 year history of the New York Yankees the team has had great players play second base. The names of Billy Martin, Jerry Coleman, Bobby Richardson, Willie Randolph, Tony Lazzeri, and Joe Gordon, are just to name a few of the greatest second basemen to play for the Yankees, all had great careers in pinstripes. More recently the names of Chuck Knoblauch, Alfonso Soriano, and Robinson Cano have played second base but in 2015 the names have been Stephen Drew, Jose Pirela, Gregorio Petit, and Brendan Ryan for most of the season. None of these players have been close to being as good as the names mentioned before them. But there is one name that makes fans eyes light up and that is Rob Refsnyder.

Rob Refsnyder is a top prospect who converted from a right fielder to become a second baseman. Refsnyder was called up on July 10th and played a very good second base. He played better than the 2015 names combined in a short period. Refsnyder was then optioned to Triple A on the 19th of July. Why are Yankees fan livid about this? Its because we want to see another name on that legends list. Ever since Robinson Cano left for Seattle the Yankees have been struggling to find an adequate replacement for him. Brian Roberts, Stephen Drew, Gregorio Petit are just three names that tried and failed miserably. The Yankees fan heard about Refsnyder in Spring Training and in the minors and believed that he could be the answer at second base. Refsnyder is the future but I pose one question to the front office why not have Refsnyder and Didi Gregorious grow together and play in the playoffs together? It could be the start to the next dynasty.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Yankees First Half Review

Believe it or not we are at the All Star Break. The Yankees sit in first place , 3.5 games up on the second place Rays. The division is tightly packed but the Yankees are leading as of now. The Yankees have been streaky but they continue to play good. The bullpen has been a strength. The rotation has been streaky but good enough. The lineup has knocked the ball over the fence. Carlos Beltran and Stephen Drew have struggled but have contributed at times this season. The Yankees ended the first half taking 2 of 3 from the Red Sox. They finally called up highly touted second basemen Rob Refsnyder. The Yankees news additions had their ups and downs but contributed. Andrew Miller has been a dominant relief pitcher and teamed up with Dellin Bettances as baseballs best relief pair. The re emergence of Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez is why the Yankees are second overall in the MLB in runs scored. Brett Gardner had a great second half as well. Michael Pineda and Masahiro Tanaka have pitched well and Ivan Nova and Nathan Eovaldi continue to improve.

MVP - Mark Teixeira may not have the batting average any more but his average has been respectable. He has 22 home runs. He also leads the AL in RBI with 62. His greatest strength however is his defense. Teixeira is having a Gold Glove caliber defensive season.

Best Pitcher - I will go out on a limb here. I'm not going to pick a starter or one pitcher in particular. I'm going with the Miller -Bettances combo. No one has been more dominant at the back end of a bullpen. When they come into games the game is over.

Best Moment - Alex Rodriguez belted a 1st inning home run off of Justin Verlander into the right field seats it was Rodriguez' 3,000th hit. Last year at this time many people suspected Rodriguez would never play baseball again. Rodriguez  hit the home run at Yankee Stadium and the fans celebrated. Again last year at the time no one , not even Rodriguez could expect it.

Best Story Line - The reemergence of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira has turned the Yankee lineup into a force to be recon with. Of course guys like Brian McCann ,  Garnder and Jacoby Ellsbury have done a great job also. Rodriguez was written off after sitting out a year as being done. He couldn't hit a fastball and wouldn't make the team. Rodriguez finished the half with a 278 average , 18 homers and 51 RBI. Teixeira sits at 240 with 22 home runs and 62 RBI. Rodriguez and Tex have turned back the clock and if thy can keep it up the Yankees will keep it up. Rodriguez has supplied the magic tying and passing Willie Mays on the home run list and getting his 2,000 RBI.

What to Look Forward To - Rob Refsnyder is finally up and he looks like a promising player for the Yankees in the future. He belted his first home run way out of Fenway Park in the Yankees final game of the first half. He should be the Yankees second basemen of the second half and of the future.

By Peter Vitella

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Alex Rodriguez's Journey to 3,000

Michael Kay said it best when he said 18,000 men have played MLB baseball and just 29 have 3,000 hits. Alex Rodriguez is one of those men. We all know Rodriguez and his PED history. Rodriguez was suspended for all of 2014 for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. For many people it downgrades the accomplishments however you still have to realize that he is a great player. He is one of 29 men to reach the plateau. Rodriguez has messed up many times in his career however always seems to make it back. Even in his age 39 season Rodriguez , while not the same still looks like a force at the plate. Rodriguez has been embraced like his teammates like never before.

Rodriguez will always have the cloud over his head. It's a shame Rodriguez didn't believe in his abilities the way every one else did. Rodriguez was the number 1 draft pick in 1993. Every one thought he would be an all time great and he is their. Rodriguez' stats matchup with anyone in history. Rodriguez has 668 home runs. He has over 3,000 hits and 2,000 RBI'S. His numbers are on the same scale as guys like Babe Ruth , Hank Aaron , Willie Mays and Barry Bonds.

Alex Rodriguez had one of the best careers in baseball history. Some feel he cheated some feel that the numbers are the numbers and some feel he is great regardless. All three are fair points. However
the people who pretend it didn't happen are foolish. It happened , you witnessed it , the whole world did. The people who are trying to protect baseball are not protecting baseball. I grew up watching Rodriguez and appreciate his accomplishments no matter what.  Rodriguez had natural ability. If a young baseball fan asks me what I think of A-Rod I have no problem telling them he was the best I ever saw. I also have no problem telling them he used PED's. I will tell them the whole story not just the story a baseball writer from 40 years ago wants to hear. When you think about all the players who used PED's it's probably a huge number but when you think of those guys who reached 3,000 hits it's just one.

By Peter Vitella

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Resurgence of the "Old Guys"

If I were to tell you in Spring Training that Alex Rodriguez would be one of the team's best hitters or that Mark Teixeira would 15 home runs you would call me crazy. The fact is that these two have found the fountain of youth and look very similar to the 2009 versions of each other. These two former all stars are currently making their cases for spots in Cincinnati. This has truly been amazing and just what the doctor, Brain Cashman, ordered.

The new age of statistics in baseball has helped fans and organizations view the game in a different scope. The stats in the preseason projected dismal seasons from both sluggers as there were more questions asked about them than the combined home run total of the two. Alex Rodriguez was coming off a PED suspension and multiple hip surgeries. He was also entering his age 40 season which caused the team much concern. Teixeira had not had a quality season since 2010 and his average was dropping significantly throughout the last 3 seasons. Teixeira also battled wrist and leg injuries that led him to missing significant time. These two used the doubt as a way to motivate them into potential All Star candidates. Teixeira may have also used his now famous gluten-free diet to hit a couple of more home runs.

These two along with the recent upswing of Carlos Beltran has showed that these former stars still have some game left in them. Now it might not continue but this has been impressive as they have carried this team. The Yankees will rely on these three and the rest of their lineup to battle for the AL East title as it looks like the race will be a dog fight for the ages.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What Does 660 Mean Today

Friday night Alex Rodriguez hit a home run into the left field seats of the green monster. It was the 660th time Alex Rodriguez rounded the bases. The same amount as Willie Mays. It is well documented that Alex Rodriguez has had his PED troubles. Willie Mays played in a different era. An era that didn't have HGH or the anabolic steroid issues. Many people will never view Alex Rodriguez's accomplishments in the same way as Mays. However even though Alex Rodriguez used PED drugs Rodriguez is still a great player. We see how he can still hit a baseball even at age 39. Alex Rodriguez is an all time great and it is a shame some people won't see that. For some they are lucky to continue to see this play from him.

After the game on Friday night Alex Rodriguez stood on the field alone and cried. Rodriguez was probably thinking about his family and the game he loves. I think we saw some emotion because Rodriguez had some remorse for what he had done. He had some regrets. Maybe he realized he could have played clean all along. The Alex Rodriguez home run might not mean as much to some people but it was a special moment no matter what. Hitting 660 home runs is a truly amazing feet no matter what.

It's a shame that Alex Rodriguez got involved in PED drugs because we see just how talented he is. He still can turn on a pitch like no other. He still can do things on a baseball field better than some half his age. Rodriguez has surprised many with how well he has played. Rodriguez has said all the right things up to this point. He has been very interactive with the fans. Of course some will say it's a PR move but the truth is Rodriguez has always interacted with fans.

As Alex Rodriguez nears the end of his career we know the things he's done. We know the mistakes he has made. We also know just how good Alex Rodriguez was. When it's all set in done Alex Rodriguez will have his place in history. It's a complicated place in history. Everyone will have their
 own opinion in where he belongs. Personally I believe Rodriguez is one of baseballs greats no matter what. Plenty have guys have played baseball plenty of guys have used PEDs. There are only three guys ahead of him on the all time home run list and know matter what that is special.

By Peter Vitella

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Yankee Player of the Game List for April

Every Yankee win I name my player of the game. Here is the recap of April as we move into May.

Win 1 - Michael Pineda
Win 2 - Chase Headley and Alex Rodriguez
Win 3 - Stephen Drew
Win 4 - Alex Rodriguez
Win 5 - Masahiro Tanaka
Win 6 - Yankee Bullpen (Martin , Betances , Miller )
Win 7 - Nathan Eovaldi
Win 8 - Gregorio Petit
Win 9- Masahiro Tanaka
Win 10 - Mark Teixeira
Win 11 - Alex Rodriguez
Win 12 - Brian McCann
Win 13- Chase Whitley

The Yankees finished off a very successful month. 

By Peter Vitella

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Subway Series

The Yankees and Mets get ready for a three game set in the Bronx. The Yankees took three out of four in Detroit and swept Tampa Bay the previous series. The Mets are baseballs hottest team and have one eleven straight. This weekend both teams will have some momentum however the Mets have their aces lined up for Friday and Saturday.

What do the Mets have going for them ?

The Mets have one eleven straight and have been arguably baseballs best team. The Mets have Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey on the mound in the first two games. Obviously the Mets feel like they should win the series with their aces on the hill. deGrom has a tuff matchup as he is opposed by Michael Pineda. Despite losing David Wright and Travis d'Arnaud the Mets have looked okay offensively. Daniel Murphy looked like he finally has started to swing the bat well.

What do the Yankees have going for them ?

Michael Pineda is on the hill in game one and the Yankees have been hot as well. The Yankees have had great play from Alex Rodriguez despite him slumping against Detroit. The Yankees bullpen has looked lights out , Andrew Miller picked up another save. Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner have done very good at the top of the lineup. Chris Young the former Met has also looked great in the early going.

What to watch with the Mets and Yankees

Of course Matt Harvey pitching against the Yankees in the stadium will be story. Everyone should be really excited for that game. Alex Rodriguez comes into the series two homers shy of Willie Mays.

By Peter Vitella

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Alex Rodriguez and Andrew Miller have Been the Brightest Spots

As the baseball season is in full swing the Yankees have not gotten off to their best start at all. Carlos Beltran , Brian McCann , and Masahiro Tanaka have all gotten off to slow starts.

Alex Rodriguez is back from his suspension and at first some fans and people covering the game were speculating him being terrible. Rodriguez has proved the doubters wrong early and most importantly has a large majority of the Yankee fans behind him. When the season started Rodriguez received the largest ovation and even a role call from the bleacher creatures as the DH. Rodriguez has played mostly DH despite making a start at both first and third. Rodriguez looked a little nervous at first but played a smooth game at third. Rodriguez is currently batting 344 , 4 homers , and 11 RBI. All team highs. Rodriguez has been one of the most productive hitters in baseball. Rodriguez has been the Yankees best offensive player for a good part of his Yankee career. He is doing it again in his age 39 season. The odds of Rodriguez continuing on this pace is not likely but the odds of Rodriguez having a good season look good right now. On Friday night Rodriguez had two home runs and added a game winning single in Tropicana field.

When the Yankees signed Andrew Miller they expected big things. They have not been disappointed. Miller has not been formally named the closer but has gotten the save chances so far. Miller has picked up three saves and pitched five innings. He is yet to give up a run. He has been simply dominant. The Yankees bullpen as a whole has been excellent. Dellin Bettances is yet to give a run either.

By Peter Vitella

Friday, April 10, 2015

Some of the Best Yankee Red Sox Games (2003-2015)

Since it's the first Yankee-Red Sox battle of the season lets count down some of the best Yankee -Sox games in recent memory.

Yankees vs Red Sox , April 21st 2012 , Fenway Park - It was the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Many legendary Red Sox players where back to take in the ceremony. The ceremony was excellent. That didn't stop the Yankees from taking the game. The Yanks took the game 6-2. Ivan Nova shut the Sox down and Alex Rodriguez , Russell Martin , and Nick Swisher all hit homers. Eric Chavez hit two.

Yankees vs Red Sox , April 22nd 2012 , Fenway Park - The Red Sox jumped out to a nine nothing lead but that didn't stop the Yankees. Down by nine the rallied back. The Yankees had back to back seven run innings. Swisher had a grand slam and Mark Teixeira homered from both sides of the plate. The Yankees won the game  15-9.

Yankees vs Red Sox , August 19th , 2013 - Ryan Dempster was on the mound and after missing in three times he drilled Alex Rodriguez in the back. Rodriguez later hit a monster home run to dead center field. He even did a home run celebration similar to David Ortiz's. Later in the game Brett Gardner responded with a big hit and you could see just how fired up he was. The Yankees rallied back again this time winning 9-6.

Red Sox vs Yankees , August 9th , 2009 - The Yankees and the Red Sox battled scoreless for 15 innings. Aj Burnett and Josh Beckett both threw shutout ball and neither team could score. Derek Jeter led off the 15th inning with a single and the Alex Rodriguez blasted a two run homer to win the ball game.

Red Sox vs Yankees , July 1st , 2004 - It was another classic extra inning win for the Yankees. In the top of the 12th inning Derek Jeter chased down a pop up into left field. After he made the catch his momentum put him into the stands. Jeter came out full of blood and had to leave the game. John Flaherty hit a game winning base hit.

Red Sox vs Yankees , October 27th , 2003 - Of course this is the game when Aaron Boone hit his walk off home run. Jason Giambi had two solo homer runs early. The Yankees where down 5-2 in the eight Inning. Derek Jeter had a double but it was Jorge Posada with the bloop single that tied it up. Aaron Boone hit the historic homer in the 11th.

By Peter Vitella

Breaking Down the First Yankee Series of the Season

Blue Jays win the series 2-1
Game 1 - Jays 6 , Yanks 1
Game 2 - Jays 3 , Yanks 4
Game 3 - Jays 6 , Yanks 3

Well in the first series of the year the Yankees had some let downs in every facet of the game. In game one they mustered just three hits and their opening day starter didn't last five innings. The Yankees also had a costly error from Chase Headley. In game two Michael Pineda was sharp and the Yankees rallied back with a lucky eight inning. Andrew Miller got the save for the Yankees. In game three the Yankees bats went quiet again. CC Sabathia had one bad inning where he gave up four runs that cost him the game. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira both homered. The Yankees had some unlucky innings but didn't pitch in the big spots and didn't hit in the big spots.

The Positives
Masahiro Tanaka looked great in his first two innings before letting the wheels fall off. Brett Gardner homered. Michael Pineda looked like the Pineda from last season when he was healthy. The Jays didn't do much against Pineda. Pineda pitched six innings allowing two runs and striking out six. Chris Martin then came on and threw another scoreless inning, Dellin Betances gave up an unearned run but I thought he looked much better than in the spring. Andrew Miller looked great in his first save chance. In game three CC Sabathia took a loss but really had just the one bad inning.  Sabathia had eight strike outs and you have to be encouraged by that. Alex Rodriguez has hit the ball well since his return. Rodriguez just missed a home run in game two and then blasted one in the series finale. JR Murphy had two doubles in his first start. Jacoby Ellsbury hit the ball extremely well in games two and three.

The Negatives
Masahiro Tanaka didn't fair well in his first start. Even though he started off good he allowed one bad inning to completely ruin his night. You have to wonder how Tanaka will hold up this season. The bats have not looked good. Stephen Drew has looked like an automatic out. The Yankees had just three hits in game one. The team has just looked flat. Of course some people will not be encouraged by the start of Sabathia. The Yankees lineup needs improvement and so does the pitching staff.

The Yankees host the Boston Red Sox in their second home series of the season.

By Peter Vitella

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Alex Rodriguez Welcomed Back

It was a beautiful day in the Bronx on Monday and the crowd was electric when Alex Rodriguez stepped on the field. During pre game announcements Alex Rodriguez received the biggest ovation and the most cheers. There was a few fans who booed Rodriguez but for the most part those boos were drowned out by the loud ovation. When Rodriguez came to the plate he received more loud cheers. In the fifth inning the crowd erupted when he singled to right center field. The bleacher creatures even included Rodriguez in the role call despite him being the DH. I was in the ballpark yesterday and after the third inning the stadium was dead besides when Rodriguez came to bat and on Brett Gardner's home run. Rodriguez said the Opening Day was possibly his most special. His mom was in the ball park. He said the Yankee fans didn't owe him anything , he appreciated it though. However the ovation had to feel great for Rodriguez. Rodriguez had three good at bats and had one of just three hits for the club. He walked , singled , and drove a line drive to right center that was caught.

By Peter Vitella