Sunday, May 3, 2015

What Does 660 Mean Today

Friday night Alex Rodriguez hit a home run into the left field seats of the green monster. It was the 660th time Alex Rodriguez rounded the bases. The same amount as Willie Mays. It is well documented that Alex Rodriguez has had his PED troubles. Willie Mays played in a different era. An era that didn't have HGH or the anabolic steroid issues. Many people will never view Alex Rodriguez's accomplishments in the same way as Mays. However even though Alex Rodriguez used PED drugs Rodriguez is still a great player. We see how he can still hit a baseball even at age 39. Alex Rodriguez is an all time great and it is a shame some people won't see that. For some they are lucky to continue to see this play from him.

After the game on Friday night Alex Rodriguez stood on the field alone and cried. Rodriguez was probably thinking about his family and the game he loves. I think we saw some emotion because Rodriguez had some remorse for what he had done. He had some regrets. Maybe he realized he could have played clean all along. The Alex Rodriguez home run might not mean as much to some people but it was a special moment no matter what. Hitting 660 home runs is a truly amazing feet no matter what.

It's a shame that Alex Rodriguez got involved in PED drugs because we see just how talented he is. He still can turn on a pitch like no other. He still can do things on a baseball field better than some half his age. Rodriguez has surprised many with how well he has played. Rodriguez has said all the right things up to this point. He has been very interactive with the fans. Of course some will say it's a PR move but the truth is Rodriguez has always interacted with fans.

As Alex Rodriguez nears the end of his career we know the things he's done. We know the mistakes he has made. We also know just how good Alex Rodriguez was. When it's all set in done Alex Rodriguez will have his place in history. It's a complicated place in history. Everyone will have their
 own opinion in where he belongs. Personally I believe Rodriguez is one of baseballs greats no matter what. Plenty have guys have played baseball plenty of guys have used PEDs. There are only three guys ahead of him on the all time home run list and know matter what that is special.

By Peter Vitella

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