Monday, March 19, 2018

MLB Predictions

AL East 
  1. Yankees 100-62 
  2. Red Sox 96-66 
  3. Blue jays 80-82 
  4. Rays 75-87
  5. Orioles 75-87 

AL Central 
  1. Indians 94-68
  2. Twins 90-72
  3. White Sox 79-83 
  4. Royals 77-85
  5. Tigers 71-91

AL West 
  1. Astros 100-62 
  2. Angels 84-78
  3. Mariners 82-80 
  4. Athletics 80-82 
  5. Rangers 75-87 

AL Wild Cards 
Red Sox ,Twins 
ALDS - Yankees over Indians , Astros over Red Sox 
ALCS- Yankees over Astros 

NL East 
  1. Nationals 97-65 
  2. Mets 87-75
  3. Phillies 82-80
  4. Braves 80-82 
  5. Marlins 66-96 

NL Central 
  1. Cubs 98-64 
  2. Brewers 85-77
  3. Cardinals 81-81
  4. Pirates 79-83 
  5. Reds 72-90 

NL West 
  1. Dodgers 95-67 
  2. Rockies  89-73
  3. Diamondbacks 85-77
  4. Giants 82-80
  5. Padres 79-83 

NL Wild Cards 
Mets, Rockies 
NLDS- Cubs over Mets, Nationals over Dodgers 
NLCS - Cubs over Nationals 

World Series 
Yankees over Cubs 

MLB Awards 
AL MVP- Mike Trout 
NL MVP- Bryce Harper 
AL CY Young- Luis Severino 
NL CY Young- Clayton Kershaw 
AL ROY- Gleyber Torres 
NL ROY- Ronald Acuna 
AL MOY- Paul Molitor 

NL MOY- Mickey Callaway 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Player Profile : Dellin Betances and Luis Severino

Dellin Betances’s overall numbers for last season look pretty good. He made the All Star team again. Betances had 100 strikeouts and a 2.87 era. Betances had the highest strikeout rate in baseball but also the highest walk rate in all of baseball. Betances at one point was having his best season however walks and inconsistent play hurt his season. The Yankees need Betances to get back in his All Star self. They need him to regain his confidence and they need him to control his walks. It’s important for the Yankees to get him right. 

Luis Severino may be the most important part of the Yankees in 2018. Severino finished third in the AL CY Young voting in 2017. He was simply dominant. The Yankees need him to stay healthy and to continue to grow as a pitcher. If this happens he can win the CY young this time. Severino has a memorable performance in game 4 of the ALDS on a rainy night in the Bronx. Severino went 14-9 with a 2.98 era and 230 strikeouts. Severino was an All Star as well. Expect another lights out season from the Yankees ace.