Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What Does the Chase Headley Trade Mean for the Yankees ?

The Yankees traded Chase Headley and Bryan Mitchell to the Padres for Jabari Blash. The Yankees pretty much traded Headley so they didn't have to pay his contract this season. This gives the Yankees even more money to spend and flexibility while staying under the tax threshold.

This deal for the Yankees could mean a few things for third base. The Yankees can explore trading for Manny Machado which is unlikely at this point. They can explore signing another slugger in Mike Moustakas who had his best pro year last year. The Yankees will also explore resigning Todd Frazier. Frazier would be perfect on a 1 year deal. Many sources say he wants a multi year deal which the Yankees should avoid. A one year deal for Frazier would be ideal. Frazier has a very good glove and fit in well in the clubhouse. He also has some power. The trade could also open the door for Miguel Andujar or Tyler Wade. Trading Headley also gives the Yankees some more spending in starting pitching.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton was traded to the New York Yankees today. Unfortunately Starlin Castro was traded but it was a move the Yankees were smart to make. They trade Castro as their main piece and two prospects who are a long way away. The Yankees just added a man who hit 59 homers to an already dangerous lineup. Aaron Judge , Gary Sanchez , Greg Bird and Didi Gregorious teamed up with Giancarlo Stanton is as dangerous as it gets. We will continue to discuss this throughout the offseason.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Aaron Boone the New Yankee is Ready for the Challenge

Aaron Boone said his juices were flowing today in his press conference and now so are mine. All Yankee fans should be excited.

Aaron Boone was introduced today as Yankee manager. Boone is most famous for his walk off home run in game 7 of the ALCS in 2003. He leaves the broadcast booth and is now back on the diamond. He showed energy, intelligence and passion in today's interview. He came off as a manager who will focus on having a great relationship with his players. Boone will be able to balance the old eye test and the new analytics way of thinking. He stressed that today and that's very important.

Aaron Boone hasn't coached or managed but he's been around baseball since he's a baby. His family is a baseball family and he's been in dugouts his whole life. Aaron Boone seems like a manager who will be very open with players and the media.

Boone will be expected to bring the Yankees back to a deep playoff run. His learning curve will be in spring training. Boone seems like he will be up for the challenge. He could be the guy to lead the Yankees back to the World Series.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Aaron Boone the New Man in Charge

Aaron Boone is the new manager for the Yankees. It was announced Friday night but made official today. Boone is most famous for hitting the walkoff home run in the 2003 ALCS game 7 against the Red Sox. Boone brings a new look to a young team. Boone will be expected to learn on the job and win right away. The Yankees made it to game 7 of the ALCS last year and some expect them to go to the World Series this season.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Joe Girardi is Out as Manager

After ten years and one World Series championship Joe Girardi is out as Yankee manager. The move was surprising to many. People assumed if he left it would be because he wanted to be with his family. Instead he leaves because Brian Cashman wants to look in a new direction.

It's simple GM, Brian Cashman wants someone who he can pay less and will listen more. Cashman wants someone who is more inclined to analytics. He wants someone who will manage but at the same time allow Cashman to have say in who plays.

Joe Girardi finished over 500 every year as the Yankee manager. He was a good manager and had a strong career. It would have been fine to bring Girardi back. However it's not a huge thing that he's not coming back. His contract was up and the Yankees obviously felt it was time. Being that Girardi was overachieving I would have brought him back. I don't think this will have a negative or a positive impact on the team. The Yankees will be an elite team in 2018 regardless of the manager.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Yankees Impending Free Agents

The Yankees Free Agents (who stays and goes)

Brian Cashman (GM) - Brian Cashman has been one of baseballs best GM's. You can say he gave out some bad contracts but the Yankees have the finances to do that so it doesn't matter. He has given plenty of great deals also. Cashman turned the Yankees farm system around restocking it with guys like Gleyber Torres , Clint Frazier , Justus Sheffield and a whole bunch of other home grown studs. The Yankees will almost definitely keep Cashman as the GM and they should.

Joe Girardi (Manager ) - Girardi has been the Yankees manager since 2008. He won the title in 2009. Girardi often gets criticized for over managing or relying to much on his binder for making decisions. The truth is Girardi isn't perfect but he is a good manager. Girardi had his team over achieve in 2017. He is good with the young players. I believe the Yankees keep Girardi.

CC Sabathia (Starting Pitcher) - Sabathia turned back the clock in 2017. He was 10-1 following Yankee loses and came up clutch all season. Sabathia went 14-5 with a 3.69 era in the regular season. Sabathia still has knee issues that remain a concern. If I'm the Yankees I resign CC to a one year deal for about $10 million. Sabathia is effective and is great for the young players. He also brings needed depth to the Yankees.

Matt Holliday (DH) - Holliday had a great first half for the Yankees but a virus and other injuries derailed his season. Holliday started just one playoff game for the Yankees. He had a big homer of Craig Kimbrel and walk off homer against the Orioles. Holliday was a great mentor to Aaron Judge and has been a great player in his career. The Yankees will move on from Matt Holliday. I would not bring Holliday back.

Michael Pineda ( Starting Pitcher) - Pineda has had a strange career. He has great stuff but has always battled injuries and inconsistent play. Pineda was having a good season before Tommy John surgery ended his year. Pineda will likely be out for most of next year. If I'm the Yankees I think I bring him back for the league minimum it can't hurt. He will be rehabbing all season. Ultimately I think the Yankees let him leave. Another team will likely sign him as a reclamation project.

Jaime Garcia (starting pitcher) - Garcia was one of the Yankees midseason trade acquisitions. Garcia was mostly ineffective but was just some needed depth towards the end of the season. Garcia was good in relief in his only playoff appearance. I think the Yankees will let Garcia sign somewhere else.

Todd Frazier (third base) - The president of the thumbs down club was a huge success as a Yankee. His numbers may not show it but he provided some huge clutch playoff hits and was great in the Yankee clubhouse. I love Todd Frazier and what he brings to a baseball team but I think the Yankees won't resign him. They have Gleyber Torres , Miguel Andujar and Chase Headley. They are trying to get under the tax threshold. It's possibly that Frazier comes back on a 1 year deal but unfortunately for him third base is the teams most crowded position.

Mashario Tanaka (starting pitcher) (Can opt out of contract) - So many questions surround Tanaka. Will he opt out or stay under his current deal ? If he opts out will the Yankees resign him? Tanaka had his worst year as a pro as his era was in the mid 4's however his playoff era was under 2 and he was the Yankees playoff ace. Tanaka is due to make upwards of $20 million next season and with his elbow concerns I think he will ultimately stay a Yankee. If he opts out i think the Yankees resign him to an extension fair for both parties.


Resign- Cashman , Girardi , Sabathia , Tanaka

Leave via free agency - Holliday , Frazier , Pineda , Garcia

Thank you fans and Season Recap

Thank you to the Yankees for an incredible season and especially thank you to all the people who follow me and @bombersbeat my partner in crime. This was our third season having a Yankee account and although our first season in 2015 will always be special this year was the best. We gained a lot of knew followers and had so much fun. Thank you to the Yankees for an incredible year. Think of this year as 1995. They have a chance to start a knew dynasty with this core. It was a devastating way to go out tonight but championship days are ahead for this group. The Yankees coming out party has just begun. Again thank you to the Yankees and thank you to all our followers who made this fun. We will be with you guys all winter talking about what's next. Feel free to follow my personal account @petervitella also and follow my partner in crime @wstobin2. Thank you guys again for an incredible year. That's a wrap on the 2017 Yankees it was an incredible ride. Follow @bomberbeat2 and @bombersbeat in the offseason and chat with us all winter.
#pinstripepride #thankyou

Now for the season recap. Many didn't expect the Yankees to be a playoff team and they made it all the way to game 7 of the ALCS. The Baby Bombers were led by Aaron Judge , Gary Sanchez and Luis Severino. Greg Bird battled injuries but had an excellent end to the season and playoff run. CC Sabathia turned back the clock and was the Yankees stopper all season.

The Yankees made some big trades acquiring Sonny Gray from the Athletics and Todd Frazier , Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson from the White Sox. All of these guys will be back in 2017 with the exception of Frazier. He is a free agent and it remains to be seen if the Yankees resign him.

The Yankees future is bright. They took the Astros to 7 games in the ALCS. They came so close in what many called a rebuilding year. Aaron Judge is a lock to win the Rookie of the Year and has a great shot at the MVP also. Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius had even better seasons than in 2016. Things are very bright for the Yankees moving forward.

Looking Back on 2017 and Forward to 2018

On October 21, 2017 the New York Yankees season ended in heartbreak with a 4-0 defeat in Game 7 of the ALCS to the Houston Astros. Yes this loss still stings and yes it will sting until Opening Day but this was not a negative experience.

The Yankees lost a 3-2 series lead with losses in Games 6 and 7 but in the process showed Major League Baseball that this is just the beginning of another Yankee dynasty. If you were to say in Spring Training that this team would have came within one game of reaching the World Series I would have jumped at that opportunity. This team is incredibly young and cost effective which means that the 2017 team will be the least talented Yankee team for a long time. This experience will only help the team as they know now what it will take to win a Pennant and eventually a World Series. Just as in 1995, 2017 can be the start of a new dynasty.

In 2018, the Yankees salary books look promising with Alex Rodriguez's albatross of a contract finally coming off the books as well as Matt Holliday, CC Sabathia, Todd Frazier, Jaime Garcia, and Michael Pineda also becoming free agents. There is a possibility of Sabathia coming back but not on a $25 million contract. Also with most of the key contributors being Pre-Arbitration eligible or Arbitration eligible, there is some wiggle room to add some free agents without going over the luxury tax. The Yankees have been heavily linked with Shohei Otani, who is a Japanese pitcher and designated hitter. He will come relatively cheap as he is leaving Japan before his age 25 season which forbids him from becoming a free agent, he will be an international signing instead. Also there is a possibility that Masahiro Tanaka opts out of his contract and there is a possibility that Jacoby Ellsbury, Chase Headley, Starlin Castro, and Dellin Betances are moved. If Ellsbury is moved that clears a good amount of money, but more importantly it opens up a roster spot for more prospects.

The 2018 Yankees will be favorites to win the AL East and to get back to where they were in 2017 or even farther. In 2018 we will possibly see Gleyber Torres, Chance Adams, Justus Sheffield, and Miguel Andujar just to name a few highly touted prospects. Though 2017 ended on a sour note, 2018 might just be the year that title number 28 returns home to 161st Street and River Avenue.

Friday, October 6, 2017

CC The Stopper

The Yankees are facing a 0-1 hole with 0-2 possibly on the horizon after a 4-0 defeat on Thursday night. The Yankees also have to face Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber on Friday night which is bad new for any team but the Indians should not over look their opposing pitcher for Game 2.

CC Sabathia has been one of the best pitchers over his time in the MLB and has pitched countless big games and tonight's game is no different. CC will have to be the stopper like he has been time and time again. Sabathia is 9-0 this season with a 1.71 ERA in starts, according to Katie Sharp following a Yankee loss this season and heres to hoping he ends up 10-0 by the end of the night. Sabathia will certainly be amped up to pitch in one of the biggest games of the Yankees' season tonight but he will have even more adrenaline pumping because the Indians are his former team. Sabathia is a career 9-5 pitcher with a 4.53 ERA in the postseason but with his 107.1 innings of postseason experience should play a big factor.

The Yankee offense will still have to do the "impossible" and score runs against Corey Kluber, which looks like an even larger feat after they struck out 14 times last night and they didn't face Kluber. This Yankee team is known for scratching and clawing in games so I expect a hard fought game and any break for the Yankees could result in a win with a rested pen and with Cleveland without Andrew Miller and Cody Allen. The Yankees know what they are up against but the Indians might not know what they are truly up against.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Yankees Win the Wild Card game

What an incredible night last night In the Bronx. I was up in the grandstand in left field with 3 of my buddies and my brother. The place was electric. The crowd was intense. High fives and hugs with strangers and everyone screaming. It was an unreal experience in the Bronx last night.

The Yankees first inning was bad and Luis Severino did not have it. When Chad Green escaped I had hope. Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge got on base quickly and then one of the best moments I've ever had at Yankee stadium happened. Didi launched the 3 run homer to tie the game and it was all down hill for the Twins after that. David Robertson , Tommy Kahnle and Aroldis Chapman were electric on the mound. Gary Sanchez got two hits and of course homers by Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge made the place go wild. Joe Girardi managed a brilliant game.

An absolutely incredible experience last night. Bring on the Indians. The Chase for 28 makes its next stop in Cleveland.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Aaron Judge's Historic Rookie Season

It couldn't have been a better year for Aaron Judge in his first full season as a big league player. Judge broke Mark McGwire's rookie homerun record of 49. Judge currently sits at 51 with three games left. Judge also has logged over 100 RBI , R , and walks. His defense has been good and he has became one of the faces of the Baseball. His name been linked to Yankees like Babe Ruth , Mickey Mantle , Alex Rodriguez and many other greats.

Aaron Judge proved that he can put a franchise on his back for weeks and months at a time. The Yankees got off to a blistering start and Judge was right in the middle of it. Now as the season winds down Judge is going through another blistering stretch. He has 10 home runs and is batting 391 in his last 10 games. Some wondered if his first half was a fluke after a 5 week stretch in July and August when he hit under 200. He has put those concerns behind him with a great finish.

Judge was one on the American League All Star team. He won the Home Run Derby hitting one monster shot after another. Aaron Judge will win the Rookie of the Year and it won't be close. The real debate will be over him and Jose Altuve for the MVP. Altuve has over 200 hits and a 350 batting average. You can't go wrong with either player but Judge's latest hot streak gives him a legit shot at the award.

The Yankees don't just have a physical specimen in Aaron Judge. They have someone that has already proved how mentally tough he is. Judge was on top of the world in the first half. He won the Derby and started in the All Star game. The next 6 weeks he was terrible and many questioned if he was a fluke and if he would never live up to that first half. Judge stayed mentally strong and is having one of his best months of the season. It's a long season and a bad six weeks is totally normal. Judge showed he is an MVP candidate and can play mentally under the bright lights. Now it's time for his October moment.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Trade Deadline Recap : Yankees

Yankees Trade Deadline Recap

The Yankees made some big moves in the trade deadline for second year in a row. This year they were buyers instead of sellers. The Yankees acquired a little bit of everything and improved at all their weak spots. The Yankees acquired Todd Frazier, Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson from the White Sox. They also got Jamie Garcia from the Twins. Finally today they capped it off with the Sonny Gray blockbuster. The Yankees did all this and only traded one top 5 rated prospect. They dealt some notable prospects in Jorge Mateo, James Kaprilean, Dustin Fowler, and Blake Rutherford however with so many prospects and only so many roster spots the moves were smart. The Yankees moves set them up as legitimate World Series contenders.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Are the Yankees Planning a Major Deadline Move ?

The Yankees are in first place and there's a lot to like about this baseball team. However they have had awful production from first base and the ace Masahiro Tanaka has been anything but. Greg Bird is injured and seems to still be ways away. When he played he wasn't good.

Will the Yankees make the big splash and go after Eric Hosmer. Hosmer is a free agent to be and it remains to be seen if the Yankees want to deal prospects for Hosmer. We haven't seen enough to know what to expect from Greg Bird but if he doesn't come back soon it's possible the Yankees make a move. It's also possible they call the Athletics and go after Yonder Alonso. This will all depend on the Yankees trust in Greg Bird and Tyler Austin.

The Yankees also have some options at starting pitcher. Do they roll out the starters they have or do they go after Jose Quintana , Gerrit Cole , Yu Darvish or even a smaller profile arm ? It's also possible they promote Chance Adams.

The Yankees remain in first place and have a chance to go deep into the postseason however they may be a piece away from being the American Leagues best. It remains to be seen if they will stay in house or go out and get someone to help.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Yankees Sweep the Cubs

The Yankees went into Wrigley Field and played the defending World Series champs. The Yankees swept them three straight. The Yankees already have 20 wins and everything has clicked so far. Aaron Judge has been incredible and so has Luis Severino. Gary Sanchez was injured early but now is back and looks good and Starlin Castro is among the league leaders in baseball in hitting. 

Game 1 - Michael Pineda faces last years NL Cy Young runner up Kyle Hendricks. Pineda pitched very well besides two solo homeruns. The Yankees left various men on base and couldn't capitalize. In the ninth with two outs Brett Gardner stepped up and blasted a go ahead three run home run. The Yankees win 3-2. 

Game 2 - Jordan Montgomery was very solid on the mound for the Yankees. The offensive exploded and knocked out Brett Anderson in the first inning. Starlin Castro had 3 hits and a homer, Aaron Hicks had 4 hits and a homer. Gary Sanchez had 2 hits. The Yankees exploded and won the game 11-6. 

Game 3 - The Yankees jumped out on the Cubs early. Aaron Judge hit a Triple late to put the Yankees up 2-1. Then Jacoby Ellsbury hit a home run and made it 4-1. Dellin Betances shut down the Cubs in the eighth and Aroldis Chapman imploded in the 9th allowing the Cubs to tie the game. The game then went on for 18 innings. The Yankees would win on a fielders choice by Starlin Castro. Clippard , Warren , Shreve and Holder were great out of the bullpen. 

The Yankees have upcoming series's with the Reds and then the Astros. Next Sunday is Derek Jeter day and the Yankees look to continue to roll. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Yankees : April Review

The Yankees finished off April with a loss however they finish the month 15-8. They did this with two of their best players injured in Didi Gregorious and Gary Sanchez. It was a great month for the Baby Bombers and the Veterans contributed also. Aaron Judge had a great month hitting over 300 and belting 10 home runs. Luis Severino was dominant on the mound. His best performance was a shutout against the Red Sox. It's a great start for a Yankee team that clicked early. It will be interesting to see if they can keep it up. Greg Bird has been a major disappointment this season and the Yankees need to get his bat going. The Yankees have a special team and can realistically make the playoffs. The Bombers aren't rebuilding they're reloading. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Aaron Judge Is off to a Great Start

Aaron Judge is off to a great start in 2017. Three mammoth homers and an exit velocity like we haven't seen before. Aaron Judge is trying to prove last years struggles are a fluke. He's trying to prove that his adjustments were good and he's doing it so far. So far he has more RBI than strikeouts.

Judge is also hitting the ball harder than every Yankee. Of the five hardest hits based on exit velocity over the past three years he has four of them , Alex Rodriguez has the other in 2015. Judge will have some tough stretches but he can possibly also have some stretches were he does more damage than most. We still need to see more of him before we set large home run goals however the start is promising.

Aaron Judge so far has proved the Yankees right in giving him the starting right field job. He is proving his critics wrong who said he couldn't adjust. He is also playing good in right field. It's early but Judge's early success is a great sign for The Yankees. If he keeps it up he could be the first Yankee since Alex Rodriguez too have a 40+ home run season. Aaron Judge is also giving the Yankees needed power. Greg Bird has been sick , injured and flat out bad. Gary Sanchez is injured for the next four weeks. Right now Judge is the youngster carrying the load and the guy everyone wants to see at the ballpark. If Judge goes into a slump don't think this stretch is a fluke. His adjustments look very real and so does his potential.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations

            The 2017 season is upon us and that means the return of Yankee baseball. As the Bronx Bombers return, youth is the common thread. Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, and Jonathan Holder are just a few of the young names that have made the Opening Day roster. The big three of these names consists of Sanchez, Bird, and Judge. Yankee fans have heard about them for years and they have given the fans a taste of what’s to come. This is a Catch 22 because production at the highest level, especially in New York, can cause a player to cringe in the big moments. With an illustrious history, Yankee fans expect these three to carry the team and that is just unrealistic.

            Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird combined for 31 home runs in their first seasons and they are being counted out for double that production combined. In reality, we must R-E-L-A-X as Aaron Rodgers would say. The Mets and Red Sox recent success makes Yankees fans want greatness ASAP but these kids are still growing. The young players that are in the majors and the others that are knocking on the door must be brought along slowly into the spot light. The 2017 Yankees should be viewed as a stepping stone year like a kindergarten student graduating to first grade. We as fans should not get on Judge if he strikes out in a big spot or if Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird combine for an error after a miscommunication. Instead we should just breathe and give them a mulligan.

            The first game of the 2017 season is a prime example for why we must temper our expectations. Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird did not register a hit and they made errors in the field. In the end its only one game, there are 161 more to go but more importantly they are years left for these guys so the next time a young guy makes a mistake just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Yankees will be back before we know it but for now lets let the kids grow without overreacting.

By: Warren Tobin

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Yankee Prediction and MLB Preditctions

Yankees win total - 85-77
Third place

Yankee Team MVP - Gary Sanchez

Yankee Team CY Young - Masahiro Tanaka

MLB Predictions

AL East :
1. Red Sox 93-69
2. Blue Jays 86-76
3. Yankees 85-77
4. Orioles 81-81
5. Rays 79-83

 AL Central :
  1. Indians 98-64
  2. Tigers 85-77
  3. Royals 82-80
  4. White Sox 73-89
  5. Twins 68-94

  AL West :
   1. Astros 92-70
   2. Mariners 90-72
   3. Rangers 87-75
   4. Athletics 75-87
   5. Angels 72-90

   AL Cy Young : Corey Kluber
   AL ROY : Andrew Benintendi
   AL MVP : Mookie Betts
   AL Wild Cards : Mariners , Rangers

   NL East :
     1.  Nationals 94-68
     2. Mets 93-69
     3. Phillies 79-83
     4. Braves 77-85
     5. Marlins 75-87

    NL Central :
      1. Cubs 100-62
      2. Pirates 90-72
      3. Cardinals 85-77
      4. Brewers 75-87
      5. Reds 70-92

     NL West :
       1. Dodgers 93-69
       2. Giants 92-70
       3. Rockies 80-82
       4. Diamondbacks 80-82
       5. Padres 65-97

       NL Cy Young : Clayton Kershaw
       NL ROY : Dansby Swanson
       NL MVP : Bryce Harper
       NL Wild Cards : Mets , Giants

World Series : Indians over Cubs

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Yankees 2017 Projections

The Yankees aren't rebuilding they're reloading. Some of the big prospects are here and some of them are coming soon. Not to mention the Yankees will have plenty of money to spend in the upcoming years. I see the Yankees as a team that will be very competitive in 2017. I think they can even be a second wild card.

Projected Lineup
1. B. Gardner
2. G. Sanchez
3. G. Bird
4. M. Holliday
5. D. Gregorius**
6. S. Castro
7. J. Ellsbury
8. A. Judge
9. C. Headley

A. Hicks
A. Romine
R. Torreyes
C. Carter

B. Mitchell
T. Clippard
D. Betances
A. Chapman

1. M. Tanaka
2. C. Sabathia
3. M. Pineda
4. L. Severino
5. J. Montgomery

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Player Profile : Greg Bird

Greg Bird has dominated this Spring and is proving he is back fully healthy with the big club. Bird who missed all of last season is back and has four homers already this spring. The Yankees signed Chris Carter and Matt Holliday two right handed power bats who can play first. The most likely outcome is Holliday is the DH and Carter finds at bats at dh , first and maybe the outfield. Originally everyone believed Carter and Bird would be a platoon but Bird is playing so well he may win the job outright.

Bird is another home grown Yankees deeemed a baby bomber who we are excited to see this season. He showed plenty of power in 2015 and is showing that power is real this year. If Bird has a good year he can establish himself as the Yankee first baseman for years to come. Ultimately I think Bird wins the job and the Yankees deal Carter to a team who needs a right handed bat.

Projection - 266 average , 24 home runs , 79 RBI

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Player Profile : Gleyber Torres

Gleyber Torres is a top 5 prospect in all of baseball and is number one in the Yankees system. The 20 year old dominated the Arizona Fall League and won the Fall League MVP. Torres continues his dominance in Spring Training. Today Torres belted his second home run of the spring. His average for the spring is well over 400. Torres has dazzled at both shortstop and second base.

Torres is likely to spend majority of his time this year in Double A and Triple A. Torres is it 20 and spent most of his time last year in single A. It's possible that he forces the Yankees hand and gets promoted but I think it's likely Torres isn't a MLB player until 2018. It remains to be seen but if you listen to the Yankees they won't rush him. If Torres continues to dominate we might see him in the Bronx.

Projection - 316 average , 15 home runs , 68 RBI , 12 steals
** Stats are Double A/Triple A Projections

Monday, March 13, 2017

Player Profile : Clint Frazier

It's hard to say how many games Clint Frazier will play in the Major Leagues in 2017. Frazier will likely play majority of the season in Triple A. If Frazier is to make it to the Major Leagues this season it would probably be due to the Yankees trading someone or an injury occurred. Frazier has been the talk of town thanks to his hair which he finally cut. Frazier has been streaky this Spring however has has flashes of strong play.

Frazier has speed , power and the star quality. Frazier doe strikeout a lot but not nearly at the amount Judge does. The Yankees will look for more consistency from Frazier before he gets the major league call. I don't think we see Frazier until August unless Brett Gardner or Aaron Hicks gets traded or injured. Frazier needs some more grooming and maybe some more maturity before he makes it to the majors.

Projection - 45 games , 245 average , 6 home runs , 17 RBI , 4 steals

Player Profile : Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge is projected to be the Yankees starting right fielder if he wins the job. So far Judge has cut down on his strikeouts this spring training. Judge has slugged two homer runs thus far. The big man struck out in 50% of his at bats last year. This is an alarming rate for the Yankees. The Yankees can't have Judge striking out at a 50% clip. If he can get this rate down to 35% or better the Yankees will be rewarded.

Judge has 40 home run potential. He has a batting average floor in the low 200s however. If Judge can generate enough hard contact this season he can have a big year. I think Judge will have his ups and downs in 2017 but I think he ultimately sticks around full time. 2017 becomes the year Judge goes from potential star to the Yankees everyday right fielder.

Projected stats - 148 games , 228 average , 27 home runs , 75 RBI

Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 State of the Yankees

The State of the 2017 Yankees

Before we get into the state of the 2017 New York Yankees , let's take a look back at the state of the team the past few years.

Farewell Captain - 2014

Derek Jeter ended his illustrious Yankee career with a walk off single in his final home game. Jeter and the Yankees missed the playoffs and faced a lot of questions going into 2015.

A-Rod's Back - 2015

Suspended for a full year in 2014 , Alex Rodriguez was back in the Bronx. No one knew what to expect but Rodriguez delivered 33 home runs. Mark Teixeira also had a resurgence and the Yankees made the playoffs but went one and done.

End of an Era - 2016

Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira retired and the Yankees were sellers at the trade deadline. The Yankees were still competitive but missed the playoffs. The Yankees would shift the focus onto getting great players for the future. Gary Sanchez emerged.

The Rebuild (kind of ) - 2017

The Yankees are rebuilding for sure. However they are not giving up on the season with a full tear down like the Phillies or Braves. The Yankees are loaded with young talent and prospects. Gary Sanchez , Luis Severino , Aaron Judge and Greg Bird are some of the youngsters the Yankees love who saw big league games the past year or two. The Yankees also have elite prospects like Gleyber Torres , Clint Frazier , Jorge Mateo , James Kaprilean , Blake Rutherford and many others. The Yankees are not giving up on this year. They resigned Aroldis Chapman to an $86 million deal. They also made one year commitments to guys like Matt Holliday and Chris Carter. The Yankees may not be a playoff team but they will compete. They need some quality starts from a uncertain rotation outside of Masahiro Tanaka.

Best case scenario - Yankees sneak into playoffs
Worst case scenario - Yankees youngsters all fall flat , team wins in the 70s
Most likely - Yankees are competitive and stay around in the Wild Card hunt before falling out in September

Saturday, February 11, 2017

New York Yankees : Addition of Chris Carter

The Yankees signed NL Homerun leader for a ridiculously low $3.5 million. Carter belted 41 home runs and has great power. However Carter usually hits around 215-230 and usually strikes out upwards of 200 times. Carter will play first base against left handed pitching. I think Carter can also play DH sometimes when Matt Holliday needs a breathe. I think Carter will end up playing a lot more than in a platoon with Greg Bird. I like the move and don't think it will affect Greg Bird and Aaron Judge.