Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Yankees 2017 Projections

The Yankees aren't rebuilding they're reloading. Some of the big prospects are here and some of them are coming soon. Not to mention the Yankees will have plenty of money to spend in the upcoming years. I see the Yankees as a team that will be very competitive in 2017. I think they can even be a second wild card.

Projected Lineup
1. B. Gardner
2. G. Sanchez
3. G. Bird
4. M. Holliday
5. D. Gregorius**
6. S. Castro
7. J. Ellsbury
8. A. Judge
9. C. Headley

A. Hicks
A. Romine
R. Torreyes
C. Carter

B. Mitchell
T. Clippard
D. Betances
A. Chapman

1. M. Tanaka
2. C. Sabathia
3. M. Pineda
4. L. Severino
5. J. Montgomery

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