Monday, March 13, 2017

Player Profile : Clint Frazier

It's hard to say how many games Clint Frazier will play in the Major Leagues in 2017. Frazier will likely play majority of the season in Triple A. If Frazier is to make it to the Major Leagues this season it would probably be due to the Yankees trading someone or an injury occurred. Frazier has been the talk of town thanks to his hair which he finally cut. Frazier has been streaky this Spring however has has flashes of strong play.

Frazier has speed , power and the star quality. Frazier doe strikeout a lot but not nearly at the amount Judge does. The Yankees will look for more consistency from Frazier before he gets the major league call. I don't think we see Frazier until August unless Brett Gardner or Aaron Hicks gets traded or injured. Frazier needs some more grooming and maybe some more maturity before he makes it to the majors.

Projection - 45 games , 245 average , 6 home runs , 17 RBI , 4 steals

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