Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yankee Off Season Questions

1. Thoughts on the Yankees 2015 season as a whole ?

2. Biggest Surprise ?

3. Biggest Disappointment ?

4. Team MVP ?

5. Which SP/RP should they acquire ?

6. Which bat should they acquire ?

7. Will the Yankees trade Brett Gardner in the offseason ?

8. Will the Yankees promote Aaron Judge in 2016 ?

9. What do you want the 2016 rotation to look like ?

10. How can you get enough at bats for Alex Rodriguez , Greg Bird , Mark Teixeira , and Carlos Beltran ?

11. Will Rob Refsynder be the 2015 second basemen ?

12. Will the Yankees make the 2016 playoffs ? 

Shane Tobin's answers 

1. For a typical Yankee season it was a failure but if someone told me that they would make the Wild Card game this year I would be content. This should be a building block for the young guys.

2. The  biggest  surprise for me was the production of the old guys. Alex Rodriguez  and Mark Texeira carried the team with some help from Carlos Beltran.

3. Brett Gardner was the biggest disappointment. He continued his second half struggles and it really hurt the team.

4. Andre Miller is my team MVP. He was the best closer in the game in my opinion and he was automatic when we needed him.

5. I think that they should have acquired Craig Kimbrel to create a mind blowing bullpen. The 
starting pitching would be good enough to go 5 innings and then hand it over to a lights out bullpen. 
Unfortunately the Res Sox acquired him so I wound keep the focus on the bullpen. 

6. I think they should acquire either Justin Upton or Jason Heyward. Heyward fits the long term plan as Aaron Judge would be the next big right handed bat but Upton would be instant offense. Heyward is still developing.

7. I think they will if they trade Garnder for James Paxton. I would call it a successful trade.

8. Maybe in September or in a injury situation like Greg Bird in 2015 but odds are they won't need him.

9. A dream rotation would have David Price or a big time starting pitcher in it but realistically I see it being Masahiro Tanka, Luis Severino, Michael Pineda, Nathan Eovaldi, and James Paxton. All young talented arms.

10. I don't think Greg Bird can get MLB at bats this year unless there is an injury to Teixiera. If Arod or Beltran get hurt there is a replacement on the roster already. An injury to Tex is the only way I see Bird playing in the bigs this year.

11. I think so. I think there will be a platoon early on but it think that Rob Refsnyder will put perform the sabermetrics baby Dustin Ackley. Refsnyder must seize the opportunity.

12. If the key guys from last year stay healthy and if there are some improvement made to the team specifically added pitching depth and a power bat in the outfield I can see a long playoff run. Arod had it right in 2015 once you're in you can make some noise and the Yankees certainly have the guys to make plenty of noise.

Peter Vitella's answers 

1. The Yankees made some noise in 2015. Nathan Eovaldi was an excellent addition. Andrew Miller was also an excellent addition. Alex Rodriguez was excellent in the year back from his suspension.

2. I think Alex Rodriguez was a huge surprise to most people. I thought he would be productive but didn't expect 33 home runs.

3. For me the biggest disappointment was the way the Yankees fell from an 8 game division lead. That impart was due to the struggles of Brett Gardner and Jaocby Ellsbury. They were terrible in the second half for their standards.

4. I think I would say the combination of Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances are the team MVP's. 

They shortened the game and dominated games.

5. I would like to see the Yankees add one of the big name starting pitchers. Their are a lot of them and adding anyone can help. Of course I wouldn't complain with signing David Price or Zack Greinke but I think a Jordan Zimmerman type is more realistic. I would rather them see get Zimmerman and a right handed hitter.

6. I would like to see the Yankees acquire an impact right handed hitter such as Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes.

7. I think the Yankees will trade Brett Gardner. I like Gardner but being that they have Ellnsury and he struggled down the stretch I can see a trade happening.

8. I think eventually one way or another we will see Aaron Judge in 2016.

9. I would like to see
1.  Greinke or Zimmerman or Price
2. Tanaka
3. Severino
4. Eovaldi
5. Pineda

10. I think Alex Rodriguez will go in as the primary DH. I think Carlos Beltran will get at bats in the outfield and at DH. Mark Texeira will be the first basemen. Baring an injury I think Greg Bird will see at bats in the minor leagues for some time.

11. Unless the Yankees sign Ben Zobrist I believe the Yankees will platoon Dustin Ackley and Rob Refsnyder.

12. I think the Yankees will improve and build off of this season and ultimately make the 2016 playoffs.