Thursday, October 26, 2017

Joe Girardi is Out as Manager

After ten years and one World Series championship Joe Girardi is out as Yankee manager. The move was surprising to many. People assumed if he left it would be because he wanted to be with his family. Instead he leaves because Brian Cashman wants to look in a new direction.

It's simple GM, Brian Cashman wants someone who he can pay less and will listen more. Cashman wants someone who is more inclined to analytics. He wants someone who will manage but at the same time allow Cashman to have say in who plays.

Joe Girardi finished over 500 every year as the Yankee manager. He was a good manager and had a strong career. It would have been fine to bring Girardi back. However it's not a huge thing that he's not coming back. His contract was up and the Yankees obviously felt it was time. Being that Girardi was overachieving I would have brought him back. I don't think this will have a negative or a positive impact on the team. The Yankees will be an elite team in 2018 regardless of the manager.

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