Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Aaron Boone the New Yankee is Ready for the Challenge

Aaron Boone said his juices were flowing today in his press conference and now so are mine. All Yankee fans should be excited.

Aaron Boone was introduced today as Yankee manager. Boone is most famous for his walk off home run in game 7 of the ALCS in 2003. He leaves the broadcast booth and is now back on the diamond. He showed energy, intelligence and passion in today's interview. He came off as a manager who will focus on having a great relationship with his players. Boone will be able to balance the old eye test and the new analytics way of thinking. He stressed that today and that's very important.

Aaron Boone hasn't coached or managed but he's been around baseball since he's a baby. His family is a baseball family and he's been in dugouts his whole life. Aaron Boone seems like a manager who will be very open with players and the media.

Boone will be expected to bring the Yankees back to a deep playoff run. His learning curve will be in spring training. Boone seems like he will be up for the challenge. He could be the guy to lead the Yankees back to the World Series.

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