Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Alex Rodriguez Welcomed Back

It was a beautiful day in the Bronx on Monday and the crowd was electric when Alex Rodriguez stepped on the field. During pre game announcements Alex Rodriguez received the biggest ovation and the most cheers. There was a few fans who booed Rodriguez but for the most part those boos were drowned out by the loud ovation. When Rodriguez came to the plate he received more loud cheers. In the fifth inning the crowd erupted when he singled to right center field. The bleacher creatures even included Rodriguez in the role call despite him being the DH. I was in the ballpark yesterday and after the third inning the stadium was dead besides when Rodriguez came to bat and on Brett Gardner's home run. Rodriguez said the Opening Day was possibly his most special. His mom was in the ball park. He said the Yankee fans didn't owe him anything , he appreciated it though. However the ovation had to feel great for Rodriguez. Rodriguez had three good at bats and had one of just three hits for the club. He walked , singled , and drove a line drive to right center that was caught.

By Peter Vitella 

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