Friday, April 10, 2015

Some of the Best Yankee Red Sox Games (2003-2015)

Since it's the first Yankee-Red Sox battle of the season lets count down some of the best Yankee -Sox games in recent memory.

Yankees vs Red Sox , April 21st 2012 , Fenway Park - It was the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. Many legendary Red Sox players where back to take in the ceremony. The ceremony was excellent. That didn't stop the Yankees from taking the game. The Yanks took the game 6-2. Ivan Nova shut the Sox down and Alex Rodriguez , Russell Martin , and Nick Swisher all hit homers. Eric Chavez hit two.

Yankees vs Red Sox , April 22nd 2012 , Fenway Park - The Red Sox jumped out to a nine nothing lead but that didn't stop the Yankees. Down by nine the rallied back. The Yankees had back to back seven run innings. Swisher had a grand slam and Mark Teixeira homered from both sides of the plate. The Yankees won the game  15-9.

Yankees vs Red Sox , August 19th , 2013 - Ryan Dempster was on the mound and after missing in three times he drilled Alex Rodriguez in the back. Rodriguez later hit a monster home run to dead center field. He even did a home run celebration similar to David Ortiz's. Later in the game Brett Gardner responded with a big hit and you could see just how fired up he was. The Yankees rallied back again this time winning 9-6.

Red Sox vs Yankees , August 9th , 2009 - The Yankees and the Red Sox battled scoreless for 15 innings. Aj Burnett and Josh Beckett both threw shutout ball and neither team could score. Derek Jeter led off the 15th inning with a single and the Alex Rodriguez blasted a two run homer to win the ball game.

Red Sox vs Yankees , July 1st , 2004 - It was another classic extra inning win for the Yankees. In the top of the 12th inning Derek Jeter chased down a pop up into left field. After he made the catch his momentum put him into the stands. Jeter came out full of blood and had to leave the game. John Flaherty hit a game winning base hit.

Red Sox vs Yankees , October 27th , 2003 - Of course this is the game when Aaron Boone hit his walk off home run. Jason Giambi had two solo homer runs early. The Yankees where down 5-2 in the eight Inning. Derek Jeter had a double but it was Jorge Posada with the bloop single that tied it up. Aaron Boone hit the historic homer in the 11th.

By Peter Vitella

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