Monday, September 7, 2015

Nate Eovaldi : Will the injury force him out

The Yankees will have to shutdown Nathan Eovaldi for the next two weeks. It is obviously a huge blow to a Yankee team that is .05 games back of the first place BlueJays. The Yankees need Eovaldi to get healthy most importantly for the playoff run. The Yankees should absolutely be in the playoffs even with Nate out for two weeks. Eovaldi has been one of the best pitchers in the Yankees rotation and it will be a blow for the team.

I think the Yankees can weather the storm and at worst the Yankees will be in the Wild Card game. If Eovaldi is just out the two weeks he will have two weeks to pitch before the playoffs. If he has time to pitch before the playoffs begin it will be ideal because you do not want him going into the playoffs blindly. Hopefully Nate Eovaldi just has inflammation and it will be no big deal. In two weeks he will return and he can be a major part of the Yankee team in the playoffs.

Obviously their is plenty to worry about with Nathan Eovaldi however if it is just inflammation and he comes back in two weeks the Yankees will be okay. Come playoff time if healthy he will be in the rotation.

Hurry back Nate because the Yankees will need you if they are going to win the World Series. Personally I think in two weeks they will ease him back baring no set backs and he will be ready for the playoffs.

By Peter Vitella

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