Friday, October 2, 2015

Yankees Clinch Playoff Berth

At times it wasn't pretty lately but the Yankees did it. They are back in the playoffs. They hung on and clinched a wild card spot. The Yankees hope that home field advantage is next. The Yankees truly are a remarkable team. They battled so many injuries all year and still battled to this spot. So many people wrote them off and they kept pushing. Their are so many reasons why they got to this point and so many reasons why they can go even further. The bullpen was a dominating force led by Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances. Brian McCann had a great year leading the team in many ways. The young players like Greg Bird , John Ryan Murphy and Luis Severino steeped up also.

Greg Bird filled in for Mark Teixeira so well. Dustin Ackley has been excellent since getting healthy and everything is just going right. Of course many doubted the pitching staff and it has held up. Many doubted the veteran players and they held up. No one could have imagined Alex Rodriguez would hit 33 homers and he did. He was so vital to this team providing offense and leadership. This Yankee team will be considered under dogs in this postseason but that's just how they like it. This is a special group.

By Peter Vitella

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