Sunday, July 19, 2015

How History Plays Into The Demotion Of Rob Refsnyder

Throughout the 112 year history of the New York Yankees the team has had great players play second base. The names of Billy Martin, Jerry Coleman, Bobby Richardson, Willie Randolph, Tony Lazzeri, and Joe Gordon, are just to name a few of the greatest second basemen to play for the Yankees, all had great careers in pinstripes. More recently the names of Chuck Knoblauch, Alfonso Soriano, and Robinson Cano have played second base but in 2015 the names have been Stephen Drew, Jose Pirela, Gregorio Petit, and Brendan Ryan for most of the season. None of these players have been close to being as good as the names mentioned before them. But there is one name that makes fans eyes light up and that is Rob Refsnyder.

Rob Refsnyder is a top prospect who converted from a right fielder to become a second baseman. Refsnyder was called up on July 10th and played a very good second base. He played better than the 2015 names combined in a short period. Refsnyder was then optioned to Triple A on the 19th of July. Why are Yankees fan livid about this? Its because we want to see another name on that legends list. Ever since Robinson Cano left for Seattle the Yankees have been struggling to find an adequate replacement for him. Brian Roberts, Stephen Drew, Gregorio Petit are just three names that tried and failed miserably. The Yankees fan heard about Refsnyder in Spring Training and in the minors and believed that he could be the answer at second base. Refsnyder is the future but I pose one question to the front office why not have Refsnyder and Didi Gregorious grow together and play in the playoffs together? It could be the start to the next dynasty.

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