Monday, April 30, 2018

Review: Out of the Park Baseball 19

Our friends at Out of the Park Baseball return in 2018 with their 18th edition of the game. Out of the Park Baseball is a computer game that gives the user the ability to manage their favorite baseball team however they would like. This is the 18th incarnation of the game and each year, just when you think the game cannot get better the people at OTTP find a way to make it better.

This year's incarnation of the game includes fully licensed Major League Baseball players and teams as well as fully licensed Minor League players and teams. There are also MLB and Negro League legends in the game that you can add to your roster and bolster your team. If you ever wondered how Babe Ruth would perform surrounded by Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Didi Gregorius, and Gary Sanchez you can now plug him into the lineup and see how well they all perform. You can also develop your own custom teams and leagues for online or offline gameplay. The game had added new 3D graphics to make your gameplay even more enjoyable.

Personally, I simulated the 2018 Yankees season and had a great time doing it. The Judge, Stanton, Gregorius, and Sanchez lineup absolutely destroyed Major League Baseball en route to another World Series Championship. It was a lot of fun managing the roster just like Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone do. If you want to become a manager or general manager for a day give this game a try and you will see just how hard of a job baseball management is.

This game was excellent and a ton of fun to play. I give it an 8.8/10 for the immense amount of baseball information and challenge that it provides. I cannot wait until next year's game!

If you want to purchase the game check out OTTPB here: 

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