Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Yankees Pitching Options

The Yankees have a problem in an otherwise great season. Sonny Gray is a problem for the New York Yankees. He lasted just two innings for a second start in a row. His era has ballooned to 5.85. His whip is 1.57. Batters are hitting over 500 on his changeup and he has become a two pitch pitcher. Sonny Gray struggled in 2016 as his era was over 5 and then he bounced back with a good year last year. The Oakland A’s had the time to wait for Gray the Yankees do not. The Yankees need to acquire a pitcher there’s no doubt about it. 

The Long Shots 

The Mets likely won’t trade Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergard but that don’t mean the Yankees shouldn’t try. 

The Giants are still in contention so they likely won’t trade Madison Bumgarner but if they did the Yankees would be the perfect landing spot. 

Chris Archer and Blake Snell are both under control for years to come and would be great values with the Yankees. Archer has had a down year but Blake Snell has emerged as one of baseball’s best. 

Practical and Likely Options 

Cole Hamels isn’t the pitcher he was but is a strong veteran. He has pitched well against the Red Sox, Astros, Dodgers and Indians this season. Hamels is a World Series MVP and still is a big game pitcher. 

JA Happ is having a very nice year and he is another veteran pitcher that does well against the Astros and Red Sox. He is probably the most likely option. 

Matt Harvey has turned his season around with the Reds and has pitched well of late. Harvey would certainly be interesting considering his Met history. 

Michael Fulmer would cost the most of this group and has the most upside but he has had a very up and down season. 

Tyson Ross is a viable option and he comes at a very cheap price tag. 

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