Thursday, October 11, 2018

Heartbreak in the Bronx but the Best is Yet to Come

There are no words to make it all better for Yankees fans. After a brutal series loss to the hated rival Boston Red Sox, the offseason came way too early in the Bronx. The Yankees and their fans expected to play a game 5 on Thursday but instead they will have to wait 169 days until their next meaningful game. It seems like the sky is falling right now but in reality, this team is just taking off.

In 2018 we all saw the development of Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar. The two rookies both had incredible seasons but were exposed come October. This devastation should help them in the future as they continue to develop.

The Yankees biggest flaw was exposed by the Red Sox and that was starting pitching. Besides Masahiro Tanaka, the Yankees starting staff was underwhelming to say the least. CC Sabathia, Luis Severino, and J.A. Happ all struggled in the Division Series which was somewhat to be expected against a vaunted Red Sox lineup. The offseason should bring change in the rotation as it is their missing piece in their chase for their 28th championship.

The historically prolific Yankee offense disappeared in the two home games in the Bronx. Pitching was a problem but when you do not score runs you cannot win games. Giancarlo Stanton, Didi Gregorius, Torres, Andujar, Andrew McCutchen, and Brett Gardner all slumped through the series. Baseball is a game of ups and downs and the offense went through a down at the worst possible time in the 2018 campaign.

So what's next for the Yankees? None of us really know what will happen but we all know that the front office will do all that they can in order to improve their roster. I expect for the team to add at least one starting pitcher, whether that is via free agency or by trade. Names like Corbin, Bumgarner, Kershaw, Keuchel, and deGrom have been thrown around and all would fit but will the price be right? I doubt that they will trade Giancarlo Stanton after 1 year in Pinstripes but I do think that they will add Manny Machado via free agency. Adding Machado would give the Yankees another amazing bat in the lineup but it would improve a poor defense. This would make Miguel Andujar expendable or he could move to first base or the outfield. The Yankees have a lot to think about this offseason but before we all know it Yankee baseball will be back in the Bronx and the chase for 28 will restart.

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